Rebuild of Evangelion 2.22 – You Can [NOT] Understand… So Here's A Diatribe On My Perception

The immediate satisfaction of watching 2.22 is finally not being in the dark anymore. Now I can go back and read all those fun-looking posts, and can stop worrying about whether or not I will like Makinami Mari Illustrious and fap to all that damn porn already. (My eyes were in pain the entire time I watched this movie. I was a little disappointed when I found out that my recent eye defectiveness is a side effect of the medication I’m taking, because I was sort of looking forward to wearing a pair of red spectacles around and referring to myself as a ‘meganekko.’ Although I doubt I could be so bold as to wear Mari’s lovely pair of extra eyes.) I also don’t have to feel behind the times, envious of those Japanese bastards and all the cuntwaffles who watched the camrips. It was worth holding off to get to watch this in glorious 1080p. I watched it with my younger brother, who saw Evangelion with me, dubbed, in a single day, 4 years ago (when I was ‘14 and so fucked up‘) and understandably, not unlike myself, has only vague memories of it. I’ve rewatched bits and pieces of Eva here and there, and I’ve seen almost everything time and again in AMVs and the like, but I’ve still yet to give it a proper rewatch. (End of Eva, though, I’ve seen several times, as it is one of my top 5-or-so favorite anime). After 2.22 I’m really not sure if I’ll want to watch the original again, haha. In any case, my brother was on the edge of his seat, especially at the end, and then spent minutes raving about how ‘This is like if you fused Evangelion with Gurren Lagann!’ (his favorite show) and then declared it ‘one of his favorite things ever.’ It’s too bad the boy can’t write.

By the way, you may have figured it out already, but I still feel like I have to formally warn you: this is going to be one of those posts. Also, there will be massive fucking spoilers.

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Please Enjoy My Pain And Embarrassment As Ghostlightning Reads One Of My First Posts

It’s amazing how much a writer can change in just a few short years – a point that Zzeroparticle and Pontifus decided to drive home with their Aniblog Readings project. The idea was that a group of willing and capable bloggers would toss their name in a hat, and each would be randomly assigned a blogger to read. The reader must choose from one of the author’s earliest posts, preferably in the first ten, and then proceed to read it in an audio or video clip. Each reader had to say exactly what was written, pronouncing spelling mistakes and everything – however, they had the option of reading it in any voice of their choosing. Then, once they had created their clips, they would send them to the blogger whose post they read, and that blogger would have to post the clips on their own blog. By some stroke of divine perfection, my frequent co-conspirator and good friend Ghostlightning was assigned to read one of my posts. He did so. Three times.

The post in question is entitled “Anime in a Day,” and, without over-explaining it, was a… review? of Futakoi Alternative. In terms of it’s place in my history, this post came in early 2007 when I first began as a quasi-episodic blogger talking entirely to myself. Chances are, if you started reading my blog before fall of last year, then you know I was pretty bad. I’m embarrassed to read anything that I wrote in 2007 or 2008 and a lot of 2009… but even if you knew I was bad, you couldn’t have known that I was this bad. Ladies and gentleman, Ghostlightning will now present to you the blogging equivalent of my naked baby pictures. Three times. (And yes, you must watch all three, as they all have their own style, hilarious videos, and easter eggs.)

In this first video, I was told that GL was trying to ‘sound like me.’ Being as he’s spoken to me on Skype and seen my videos, he certainly would know, and by god he captures the spirit of my conversation to as full an extent as his accent allows. I should just die.

I guess this was the annoying chirpy fanboy voice and is, to be honest, probably the voice that most people heard in their heads when they read this tripe. The world should just break.

And finally, almost as if in reply to the pretentious pictures of myself that I put on facebook, GL enacts the final killshot in this unbearable, painstaking monotone reading that had me gouging my eyes out and begging to die.

There you have it, folks. If I did need a reminder, then now I will surely never forget – I was the worst fucking blogger of all time at some point. And chances are, even as I move into the future, I will continually look back on my old posts with contempt, regret, and suicidal thoughts.

If you can’t get enough of these Aniblog Readings, then follow Eye Sedso for the next few days. I’ll be reading one of his old posts (though strangely enough, I actually like a lot of his old stuff better than his current stuff, but I did bloody find one I could use.) Fans of Glo the Legend won’t want to miss my brilliant British accent, so be sure to stick around~

The Perils of Passionate Pressure Pushing – Heartcatch Precure 16

The funny thing about passion is that it can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, when you feel passionate about something, it gives you drive and purpose and, in many ways, a reason to live. However, passion also causes a lot of stress, in a good or a bad way depending on how you take it. It’s good that you feel pressure to improve yourself to meet your own standards, but it can also cause you to become disappointed in yourself if you feel that you aren’t living up to your own lofty expectations.

Passion is a journey. It’s a pursuit of something that will never truly be obtained as long as the passion lives. Fulfillment lies within passion and it’s progression towards your impossible dream. Someone with a true passion will never be satisfied with how far they’ve come – always pushing to improve themselves – but they can achieve fulfillment from the feeling that they are sill progressing and still chasing that goal.

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Kara no Kyoukai is the Ultimate Summation and Culmination of My Interests in the Anime-Related Mediums

I watched Kara no Kyoukai all at once (9.5 fucking hours) a couple of nights ago, and I didn’t really want to post about it. There are only two ways that I know how to talk about this series: I can either say little to nothing of meaning, or say a whole lot of things that only have meaning to me. I intended to do the former because I had a good enough reason to do so: Haagen-Dazs. 2 years ago, everyone and their grandma bought strawberry Haagen-Dazs after the famous scene from the first movie where Shiki eats it with one arm. I, too, wanted Haagen-Dazs, but I never managed to buy it. Then, a couple of weeks ago I was at the grocery store with my mum and I got her to buy me a tiny thing of the ice-cream. I left it in the freezer – if my new computer had the head-mounted camera that my last one did, I might have eaten it then and taken a picture, but no matter what I wanted eating it to be an event, and I had to be in the right mood. After marathoning the films, I had already fully planned a post entitled “I Finally Got My God Damn Haagen-Dazs! (Oh, And I Finished Kara no Kyoukai)”, which would compensate for me saying little about the series by telling the story above. Sadly, I have a different story to tell – someone ate my fucking Haagen-Dazs. I spent five minutes pulling everything out of both of our freezers looking for it, but it was gone. Fucking bastards. So I still haven’t gotten my god damn Haagen-Dazs. But enough about that.


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14 Shows With Kickass Character Designs

In a visual storytelling medium such as animation, character design is incredibly important, especially in this modern era where character goods make up a huge part of the anime market. Viewers have to be able to connect with a character design on some level in order to be able to connect with the character on some level. Many people let characters design largely factor into their willingness to watch a series, and I can’t say that I’m different – only that I’m very open to a wide variety of designs that will not limit my viewing too much. That said, even I have things that I find hard to watch when the designs repulse me enough (mostly graphically violent 80s and 90s OVAs), and of course, if I adore the designs in a show, it can do a lot to enhance my viewing experience. This post is about the shows that do this for me.

It is not, however, a post about individual character designs that I like. Indeed, there are a lot of shows that produce a single object of my adoration, or perhaps even a handful, but who do not extend this visual pleasure to the rest of the cast. One thing about the anime being produced today in the name of selling character goods is that most shows try and appeal to a broad range of people. For instance, while I love the designs of Lynette, Sanya, and Hartmann from Strike Witches, I am not as much a fan of the other designs, as they don’t hit into my ‘strike [witches] zone’. Even in a case like Bakemonogatari where I love most of the designs, I am still turned off by enough characters that I cannot truly say that I ‘love the character designs in Bakemonogatari.’ Therefor, I present this as a list of my favorite shows wherein I loved the designs of the entire cast.

Shana is one of my favorite designs, but I don't care for most of the other characters in the series.

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Suddenly, A Truckload of Self-Insert Characters (And the Idol-Fan Relationship) – K-On!! Episode 7

In perhaps the zaniest (though strangely lowest-budget) episode of K-On!! yet, we are formally introduced to Mio’s fan club – evidently a storyline in the manga that fans have long been hoping would be adapted this season (and which, I note, was the episode that most felt like reading a 4-koma manga to me.) I think it’s pretty obvious that the fan club is a played-straight parody of diehard otaku, and KyoAni being what they are, there is perhaps no one more qualified to write about otaku.

Which is why it’s very interesting to see that this is one of the most respectful portrayals of otaku (maybe the fact that the word is never used could even be considered respectful) that I’ve seen in anime, as well as a refreshing take on the age-old plot of a famous person dealing with fans that are more or less intruding on her life.

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The Complications of Self-Honesty: Heartcatch Precure 15

(For the most part, this post is readable without having seen episode 15.)

For most of us, being honest to ourselves is not always easy. This is especially true if living up to our own expectations requires even the smallest amount of lifestyle change. Ultimately, I think that self-honesty is the biggest hurdle that all of us have to jump. I believe that in order to truly be happy, one must be able to think that they are living up to what they want to be. Among many other anime, the leading focus of Heartcatch Precure’s episodic adventures is teaching people to achieve that self-honesty and realize that in order to satisfy themselves, they must make the change that they want to see. However, as simple as that sounds, self-honesty is a complex animal. It’s not quite so clear-cut as ‘doing what you want.’

Because sometimes it’s hard to know what you want, and harder still to know how to get it (or to convince yourself that you can go through with making the change.) A lot of us want many different things, and it takes a lot of ‘soul-searching’ to figure out which feelings are genuine, and how to even balance them all. I take myself for example (as always~): I am a man of many aspirations. I would love to become a director, a writer, an artist, a singer, a martial artist, and an expert at Parkour. Hell, I’ve had flights of fancy between being a chef, a train-hopping hobo, and a gangster. However, I cannot be all of those things at once, and I must truly ask ‘what path will satisfy me?’ If I become a chef, will I be okay with letting the director boat sink? This question is put in front of Itsuki Myoudouin in episode 15, but the answer to that question is still less simple than meets the eye.

Aside: If I was a cute, fashionable little blue-haired girl, I would so wear those glasses <3

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Getting a Little More With Heartcatch Precure!

Maybe I just haven’t seen enough mahou shoujo anime and wouldn’t know, but the first two episodes of Heartcatch Precure impressed me with something that I don’t see much in these sorts of anime, and if it’s true that the mahou shoujo genre has a lot of it, then maybe the genre itself is impressive this way. I’m sure someone will let me know in the comments~. Now, these episodes impressed me in a lot of ways that are general to the show – some of my favorite character designs ever, energetic directing, splendid animation (especially during fights~), a balls-tighteningly awesome opening scene, grandiose metal-inspired music, and girls who are just too damn cute – but we’re leaving all that aside for now. I want to talk about the interesting way that this show treats it’s two main characters as individuals.

I may not have seen a great amount of mahou shoujo anime, but I’ve at least seen some, and I’ve also seen a lot of similar shounen anime that utilize the same kind of monster-of-the-week formula that mahou shoujo usually does. What I usually see in MOTW shows is that if there is a character who the protagonist has to fight (be it directly or through bad guys controlling them), then their purpose in the episode is usually to show the main character something about themselves, or conversely, for the main character to show them something about themselves.

Aside: This moment instantly reminded me of FLCL and Haruhara Haruka

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Gundam 0080: A War in the Pocket – The Question is, What Do You Want To Do? The Answer is, Do That.


Tonight I watched Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: A War in the Pocket with my mech-obsessed little brother, and it certainly was a great and fun show with a downer ending we saw coming from ten miles away, which has been the topic of most of the discussion I’ve seen about the show. While the ending was indeed sad in that poor Bernie had to die (at the hands of a woman he happened to be falling for, in a fight I described as ‘epic in all the wrong ways’), the series as a whole actually left me with a bit of an uplifting feeling. The pervading thought in my head as I watched the series was a moral question that the show was all too keen to answer.

In the second episode of 0080, young protagonist Al, who lives in one of the Federation colonies, hands over a whole ton of useful information to certain Zeon pilots – a practice he will continue through the show. After his first trade with Bernie, handing over his video card with important info logged on it in exchange for one of Bernie’s patches, my brother and I remarked about how this poor ignorant child had just lost his team the war. That’s how it seemed anyway – the kid just wanted to look at cool mechs, and the jackass he ran into used him to get info that he didn’t know he had. The video was useless to the kid in comparison to a tangible object, but maybe that doesn’t necessarily mean that the kid doesn’t know what he’s given the Zeon soldier. As the series continues, it becomes clear that, yeah, he does.

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K-On!! 1-6 and "How It Compares To The First Season"

The post title is actually a joke, I’m making fun of some people today. You see, when K-On!! began airing a while ago, the first thing that happened was people comparing it to the original show. Some people said that it was similar, but a lot of people were dissecting it and saying how it was vastly different. These kinds of differences are pointed out as being very subtle, and as a veritable connoisseur of subtlety in anime, I was intrigued by the argument. Most specifically, I was interested when 8c did a massive post about the perceived differences between K-On!! and K-On! as of… well, the first episode. Now, you may also know that I hate it when people make sweeping statements about shows after only one episode, but being as I hadn’t finished K-On! I just took their words for it for the moment. But now I’ve finished K-On!  and caught up on K-On!! so here’s what I think.

I think it’s been too long. I mean, 8c wasn’t the only one talking about these differences, it was pretty wide-spread. But… this show aired a whole year ago. I can see people noticing differences, but we’re talking about really subtle differences. Don’t you think there are some things that you might have forgotten? Don’t you think there are some things that your mind might have embellished? Don’t you think that, you know, waiting a couple episodes before making statements might give you a more well-rounded view of the series?

Aside: Did anyone else think that the outfit in front looks like Hinamori Amu's uniform in Shugo Chara?

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