My name is Digibro, and I’m a blogger, both passionately and professionally. I consume and write about media of many kinds, but mostly I blog anime.

My Sword Is Unbelievably Dull has been around for seven+ years and always primarily concerned itself with anime and the surrounding cultures, through a heavy filter of my personal life and interests. These days, the scope of topics is broadening.

Because the site has been around for so long and has so many posts, it can be difficult to navigate, and there are lots of outright bad posts. The easiest way to find what you’re looking for is by using the categories and the search bar. I apologize in advance to anyone who accidentally reads my shitty early posts. Just remember that I was fifteen when I started this site.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. hey , I got onto your blog and the first thing I read was a post from your younger brother victor I guess ? well he discussed all sorts of anime and I really enjoyed it but unfortunatly I couldn’t find any more , would you maybe consider giving him another shot :) his criticism on anime was honest and somewhat hard yet very funny and enjoyable
    thx for your time and don’t judge if I made grammatical mistakes I’m belgian :) bye xx

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