Blogalizing Blogaloo

[NOTE: This post is very old and no longer reflective of my opinions or writing style.]

It just never gets old, does it? lol.

I’ve been moving around no unlike this image lately. No I don’t mean that I’ve actually gotten up and been hyper as an anime character — there’s just a bunch of projcts I’ve been working on over the past week. this blog is, of course, one of them, as well as me catching up to all the anime I’ve been missing. I’ve got forum RPGs in every direction, namely one I’m managing on the Otakubaords which I’ve put an especially maniacal effort into. Then of course there’s all the forum-hopping and posting – plus this new ipod to keep me company. i love the mental stimulation, and I’ve been having a great fun keeping up with it all. After a long period of boredom, I needed the pick-up.

As far as the blog goes, it’s interesting. I find myself getting angry at the fact that it counts as a ‘hit’ every time I open the page, which constitutes for a good 3/4 of the hits, but I can’t help but feel proud every time i come here and see that there’s several more hits than the last time i left, lol. I still wish you guys would give me some requests, though. I have too much time that needs more cramming, lol. as for today, I still need to get that Sola page up then sweep through and beef all the pages a little, and maybe later I’ll catch up on Nodame Cantabile.

NOTE: i’m actually so distracted that I abandoned the comp for a full hour in the course of posting this, lol.

6:30 Edit: Sola page up ^_^ i never realized how much I hated about this show till I wrote it out, lol


One thought on “Blogalizing Blogaloo

  1. I had assumed that when you visit your own blog, if logged on to WordPress, it doesn’t count. If that’s the case for you, more people are interested than you think. :P

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