Denno Coil

[NOTE: This post is very old and no longer reflective of my opinions or writing style.]

 Sometimes, I can’t stand the internet. It can be a real bitch. There’s always a ton of people you really hate talking about things you don’t like. But then, every once in a while, the internet helps you a ton. Sometimes you make some really cool friends. Sometimes you learn about a new band you come to like. And sometimes a raging stream of reccommendations for a show pours down on you like a waterfall until you simply must watch it.

I walked into Denno Coil with soaring expectations. I’ve read all kinds of great reviews of the first episode, and I was hearing stuff about the real world and online world being fused – something I’ve been interested in even before Serial Expeiments Lain. So was I disappointed? Hell no! In fact, this show’s first episode went above and beyond my expectations.

Now, just to get it out of the way, let me cover what i didn’t like. The little girl was really bloody annoying, and having her right at the beginning yelling ‘poop!’ over and over really threw me off, but i was recaptured! And besides she left not long afterward. And that’s it. That’s all i didn’t like!

 The rest was simply great. The way the internet technology was imbedded into the real world was awesome, practical, and yet whimsical, and utterly exciting. Using your figers as a phone? Yes! Having the digital real lie prallel to the real world? I love it! Not to mention the glasses being a sight gateway into the digital world – it all fits together with complete brilliance. i love how they have direct physical contact with the digital world, and how the one girl used the fishing rod to send the little guy into the digital labyrinth.

 Setting aside the fact that the entire world appeals to me, I was also a fan of the characters! Yuuko was like a more lively version of Lain, and she was really adorable at all times.  Fumie was cool too and her attitude and knowlege made her interesting. Plus, she practically called Yuuko a n00b XD

 So yeah, basically everything about this series appeals to me. I will definetally be looking forward to episdoe 2.

Oh, an dI forgot about the damn dog everyone’s so obsessed with, lol. i’ve always hated dogs, but this guy’s an exception cuz even though he’s ugly as hell, he’s still got a charm to him. Flus I love how he flails about and how he looks like he’s on cocaine.


2 thoughts on “Denno Coil

  1. Agree with you completely, except about the kid sister, Kyoko. Her obsession with poop, and disregard for public decorum, are entirely age-appropriate.

    Still, Yuko was absolutely right to bundle Kyoko into Mom’s car, which got her out of the way for the serious part of the show, and suggests that the creators know that a little bit of kid sister goes a long way.

    I have not been this excited about an anime show since Fred Gallagher at Megatokyo first seduced me into anime with a picture of a rather shabbily dressed angel sitting on a terrace smoking a cigarette.

  2. I finished this series recently. I really liked the concept of the cyberspace as much you seem to have.I’m glad to hear this post is still reflective of you opinions and I can always hold you to it 8 years later.
    I hope you have changed your views on dogs though. This is definitely the worst thing you’ve ever revealed to the internet.

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