Halo 3 Beta

[NOTE: This post is very old and no longer reflective of my opinions or writing style.]

Halo 3 BETA.

So okay – none of the show’s I’m watching had any new episodes today, so I managed to end up sleeping the greater portion of the day and in the time I wasn’t on the computer – i was jamming the Halo 3 demo. Now, i didn’t buy Crackdown… it just didn’t interest me. I’ve never been a fan of the open-ended style of game, especially not in the GTA style games. I have no interest in killing people or basically doing anything based in a city. I play video games to escape the real world, not destroy it, lol. And besides, i am of the belief that it’s pointless to kill people unless you do it in a way that’s completely badass. Crackdown lets you do that to an extent, but it gets repetitive quick even just watching. No, my brother’s friend is the one who bought it, and since he doesn’t have Xbox live, he let us borrow the game.

 Now, as I’m sure anyone who cares has heard a thousand times, there’s a lot wrong with the Beta, which is why there is a beta in the first place really. First of all, it is WAY too easy to get killed. Now, in Halo 2 it was often a bit too hard, I’ll admit. Used to be you could be dual weilding SMG’s and emptying a full clip into someone wouldn’t do the trick. In Halo 3 Beta, though, a single clip of an SMG could kill someone dead.

The weapons are alright. The brutes have their own variation of pretty much every UNSC weapon, none of which are particularly enticing, but all are fully functional. The brute version of the SMG is way better, and the brute shot is so much better in this game it’s unbelievable. The sniper rifles have gotten really hard to aim with for some reason. My brother seemed to be pretty good with it, but I couldn’t put a hit on anyone. the needler has been nerf’d – you can only hold one at a time, though if you have good aim, it shouldn’t be too big a problem I guess. The biggest comeback has to be that they brought back the starting gun from Halo which had been split into the SMG and Battle Rifle in halo 2. It’s back with full force and kicks total ass, and they kept the battle rifle but it sucks hard in comparison.

the biggest problem, if not only problem i have with the weapons has to be the freaking Spartan Gun. Instead of the Spnk-r, we get this tank of a gun that’s utterly remnicent of the Hammer of Dawn from Gears of War. It basically has to be charged for about 10 seconds and then it fires off a huge red triple-blast. I guess they thought the fact that it points at you with a laser before it fires would make it fair, but it’s not. The stupid thing aims just as well as a normal gun, and unless you’re packing a sniper rifle, chances are someone can take you by surprise and kill you with it before you can kill them. It’s instant death and it really sucks.

The maps that are out i have mixed feelings toward. forst there’s the snowy area. This place is pretty cool for certain modes — slayer and VIP are both pretty cool here, though things like territories don’t work very well here. next there’s what I guess was their new idea for blood gulch/coagulation. This place is the one that pisses me off. you see, there are two dome-like bases and then a masive, rolling terrain. unlike in Coag, you can’t see the opponent’s base from across the massive landscape, and there is much more terraforming seen here. There’s cliffs, rocks, and a stream running through the middle – almost like they placed elements of burial grounds and coagulation together. There’s less hiding places there, which is kind of lame, but my least favorite part is how easy it is to traverse.

First of all, this game has a new vehicle, a motorbike style one that holds two passengers. One guy drives and another stands on the back and shoots stuff – kind of like a shrunken Warthog, only much faster. Thing is, one of therse babies can cross the field faster than a ghost moving on turbo, and it’s sneaky too. Unlike the outlandish purple ghost with it’s streaks of blue, this thing is harder to see coming and will sneak right by. another thing is that both bases are equipped with what red vs. Blue eloquently titled the ‘man-cannon’ like the teleporters in Halo 2, it will take you directly to the center of the field – only this time you soar through the air and land on one of the halfway cliffs. what makes this less special than the teleporter, though, is that if you’re running away, someone can easily just shoot you out of the air. What’s cool about it, though, is that you can drive the bike into it and ride it through the air, and even better you can use the new version of the SPnk-r, which fires explosive capsules, and fire into the cannon, launching your missiles flying through the air. Both bases carry one of them in the lower story, so if you grab it and chase someone off the cannon, you can shoot into it and when they land, a bonb will land right on them.

the third map is like a revamped Zanzibar. On one side there’s a city–like area and on the other is a long strip of terrain leading out to the ocean. This level uses the most strategy because there are tons of passages, hiding places, and border corssings that make things interesting. It is in this level that we see the real potential in this beta, and every mode that I’ve played on has been fun here.

 well, I had planned on talking about something entirely different, but I ended up going on so much about the halo 3 beta i lost my train of thought, lol. Guess I’ll tell you the other thing later. I plan to play halo 3 till the early morning, then go watch Dennou Coil to see what the buzz is about. chow.


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