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[NOTE: This post is very old and no longer reflective of my opinions or writing style.]

Talk about having too much free time, lol. I decided to use my 3rd day of weekend on watching Futakoi Alternative (UFOTable, the people who did Manabi Straight). One could say I’m pretty far behind, but hey I’m not exactly an experienced otaku >_< I also caught Gurren 9 so i’ll edit this later today with the review of that, but I’m rather pressed for time at this moment, so I’ll just put my review of Futakoi below. Oh yeah, and I erased the Sola page for the reason that I couldn’t care enough to continue watching. If I block-watch the rest, I’ll talk about it in a post, but otherwise I may just ignore it eternally.


Overall, I can safely say I really liked this show, despite the issues I thought it had – issues that I felt to have been resolved by the end. This is truly a pure love story, and I respect it for that, with a perfect ending for a romantic such as myself, lol.

There were some slow parts, but they were only a problem in the earlier episodes. I think the problem was that they tried to use situations where we would feel a certain way about the chracters, but they hadn’t yet introduced them in a wy that we would care enough yet. Of the first 6 episodes, while I really loved episode one and four, there were only certain parts of other episodes I liked.

From 7 on, though, it really makes up for it as a great series. There are still some issues, but when you watch the whole series, the way the whole was projected seems to work out. The show can be really sad or really happy, super-desolate or hyper-energetic, and it does both sides of the field well.

I’m glad I watched this right after something like NHK, too. This show isn’t meant to be deep, it doesn’t make you think hard afterward. It’s just a simple, lighthearted, fun, and well-made romantic action comedy (and I mean comedy in the drama sense.) It leaves only one question for the audience….


The last 3 episodes were what really clenched it for me, though. They are positively EPIC. I haven’t seen an ending quite so crazy in a long time. That’s another thing that makes this show interesting – in a lot of episodes it seems like a pure romance and you completely forget about all the 12-year olds with machine guns and giant fire-shooting squids, but when they reappear, it feels almost natural.

i don’t want to spoil the ending, but i will say that it is positvely awesome and pulls the story together exactly the way I wanted to see.


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