After Simoun

[NOTE: This post is very old and no longer reflective of my opinions or writing style.]


 Okay! Just got done watching this amazing series, and now I’m ready to share my thoughts.

Simoun  is a great show for plenty of reasons. Now it does have it’s faults, but by the time the show is over, you’ll have forgotten all about those. Looking back at it, i really wish I had been around when this show was being heavily talked about, because I would have loved to give the play-by-lay of every episode. This show was truly driven by great, dramatic moments that made you say ‘ZOMG’ as well as a cast of characters that you couldn’t help but love. (except Floe. i always hated her.)

In any event, the ending was really great. It really could have ended at episode 25, and I’d be saying it was a great ending, but i think it was episode 26 that really changes one’s perception on the series as a whole. The epilogous endings for each character were great, but the ending filled me with a deep sadness as well.

Essentially, it was like the ending of 1984 all over again. On the one hand, i want to say ‘that was a great story’ and look at how happy the characters are. But on the other hand I have the insatiable urge to stab someone!!!!


They resigned to their fates. They are happy, yes, and their endings, for some of them, went just how I’d wanted; for others it was a total twist. But for all of the ones who did resign, i was pissed the **** off. don’t ask me why — it always makes me cry to see an ending like this. My romantic heart is filled with sadness, i might say. I just… I don’t even wanna talk about it T_T

On another note, my favorite ending was dominura and Limone. Limone was always y favorite character and seeing her all grown up made me feel all warm inside. I also like jun’s unconventional but satisfying ending.

I’m kinda torn in my idea of Aeru and Niviril’s ending, though. On the one hand, I was glad to see them in the land of hope, but i expected a little more climax from it, I guess. In any event, it made me yearn for their way of life. If I had a road to choose, it would be that one.

i also loved Morinas’ ending. I was waiting the whole series for her and the mechanic guy to finally live in peace – I thought for sure one would die, but I was so proud of them for making it through. Everyone else’s ending was alright. I kind of wanted Paraietta and the one orange-haired girl to get together, but that’s just my “everyone must be paired” sense tingling, lol.

In any event, it was a great end to a great series, but one that is going to weigh heavily on me for a bit. Hopefully not as heavily as NHK.


3 thoughts on “After Simoun

  1. If you want a good history of reactions at the time, the staggeringly long Animesuki forum thread is a good place to start…

    It was definitely nice to see Morinas and Wapourif finally sort things out – their flirting throughout the series was wonderful. Likewise Anubituf and Guragief, who managed to sneak their way into being the surprise fan-favourites.

    I just hope Media Blasters do a good job with the DVDs…

  2. Maybe it’s because I marathoned the whole thing, but I feel like it would be awesome if they could add a couple more episodes to expand on stuff. But I think that’s what helps make it a great show. :P

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