300 hits!

Sorry about that. Don’t worry, you’re safe now – he’ll never find us here, this post is over a year old. Listen, and pay very close attantion. You are in grave danger. It appears that WordPress has found out that I am keeping monsters in their blogs. Because monsters are bad publicity, they are planning to do a full-scale cover up on my operation by annihilating my blog and all blogs affiliated. Yes, that includes Oi, Hayaku! I don’t care what happens to my blog – it’s been around for a while and hasn’t gotten anywhere, but I can’t let them kill you guys – you are a light of hope among bloggers, and you’re much too young to die. Now quickly follow me, I know an escape route. It won’t be easy to get past the patrols of WordPress beasts, but if we can get to my internet safehouse we can lie low for a while until this all tides over. Come on, we’ll cut through my music blog as a shortcut – I don’t think anyone’s ever been there besides me, so it should be safe!



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