Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo

[NOTE: This post is very old and no longer reflective of my opinions or writing style.]

I had seen this in roast-beefy-weefs’ Anime Seen and almost checked it out, but forgot about it too quickly. When I saw it in a thread on OB, I absolutely had to go for it. I also was sure to take screenshots troughout ^_^. Also, if you missed the DTB 10 review, it sits below ^_~.

Two things were immediately brought to my attention as soon as the movie began. The art and the animation are absolutely beautiful! Everythig about the art, from the landscapes to the lovable character designs were awesome. Makoto was so well-animated it was fun just watching her, and her emotive faces were all perfectly orchestrated. These styles really drew me into the characters and made me care about it, which brought the movie to a whole new level of cool.

Another thing was the cutesy parts and cartoonish nature of the whole thing. Makoto’s mouth wasn’t afraid to expans to the size of her entire head and I can appretiate that, especially when it is done so well. Unlike something like Spirited Away, it wasn’t done in a way that made the characters too childish, and it was very subtle; not like some AzuDai thing where the mouths have minds of their own. the characters looked human while exhibiting features beyond humanity – for that I love it to death.

Now, let’s get to the actual story itself. First of all, I am a huge fan of the movie Groundhog’s Day. that is one of my alltime favorite movies, so seeing a sort of Groundhog’s Day gone anime is of course nice. It really didn’t take me long at all to fall in love with this movie. By this scene…

…less than 20 minutes in I knew I was going to love this, and I loved every minute of it. What’s interesting is, this movie actually follows the same kind of format as Groundhog’s Day (I wonder if that inspired the creators.) At first, Makoto was just using her power to do whatever she wanted and having fun – then it becomes about the people she’s close to, and eventually things turn complicated.What’s interesting about this movie is that ther were a lot of plot-points floating around at once. The thing about how if she makes things good for herself, bad things happen to others – all the relationships evolving, desolving, and being twisted every which way, and of course the fact that you had to keep track of which things hadn’t happened yet. Honestly, I for sure thought the movie was about to end at around 3/4 of the way through, but then as it would turn out we get an immense plot-twist.Addmittedly, the whole thing about Chiaki being a time traveler didn’t sit entirely well with me. While it did lead to an interesting explanations as well as interesting scenarios, i still wonder if it could have been something better. It still turned out well though and the scene near the end where Makoto is bawling her eyes out brought tears to my eyes. If that doesn’t show you just how much I liked her character, i don’t know what would XD. While the ending still had me a little sad, I think I can live with the way it turned out. It’s the sort of story where i’d like to seek out a fanfiction that tells how it all sorts out in a way I agree with, heh ^_^.

In any event, this definitely joins the ranks of cool anime movies. I think I might even like it more than Groundhog’s Day if for no reason other than Groundhog’s Day had a really cheesy ending XD Plus Makoto > guy from Ghostbusters.



5 thoughts on “Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo

  1. OMG, I make comment. I see where you’re coming from with the Groundhog Day “influence”, though I disagree with your comparison on MTF, or any type of comparison for that matter of japanese animation and american film. I do love both though, and I’m reminded of how beautiful the animation was after looking at these screencaps. I was a bit put off too by the ending, but I’d say it did the rest of the movie justice. Overall a fantastic piece of work.

    I considered making a blog at one point too, but my job doesn’t allow me the time, and I’d probably use the word “fuck” so often that readers would feel threatened.

  2. XD well, I know i was stretching it with the comparison on MTF but i do think they are at least similar in concept if nothing else. I agree, though, they are nothing alike. I love both movies for many reasons, but they really are apple and orange XD

  3. Hrmm… forgot that one symbol cuts off the rest of the comment. Could you possibly merge this comment and the last one?

    Anywho, I thought that the ending was a nice twist to the rest of the movie, though they could have handled the emotional impact with Chiaki and Makoto during the big reveal better. But overall, one of my favorite anime movies ever. :D

    roast-beefy: If you can, make a blog anyway. Most readers wouldn’t care anyway as long as what you say makes sense. :P

  4. Please e-mail with a reply if possible.

    I read that you were looking for some nice “ending” fanfiction. Have you found any good ones? I just finished watching it today and I too thought the ending was good but it really made me twitch. I’m a very happy ending, romantic person and the ending just made me go “WHAT?!”

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