Doujin Work 1

[NOTE: This post is very old and no longer reflective of my opinions or writing style.]

Doujin Work is a 4-koma manga (like Lucky Star, AzuDai and Hidamari Sketch) now being turned anime. The story is about a girl named Najimi who stumbles into the business of writing doujin and her journey to become rich through her art. If you don’t know what a doujin is… abandon this show now.Anywho, if you’re the type who never has time for anime, then this is for you. The episodes are only 15 minutes long (and they move so fast, you feel like you just started watching when it’s over ^^;;). If you like a total loli cast, this show is also for you. Although even if you don’t care about the lolis, it’s also got this guy.

If you aren’t swooning right nowm there’s something wrong with you!!! Oh, and the opening theme is awesome.So, getting to the story itself, it starts of with Najimi and her uber-adorable friend…

On the train. Her friend keeps passing out, and there are some jokes. I warn you, the jokes in this show are pretty hardcore at times. This is a show about doujin, mind you. Our adorable friend right there is a doujin artist who claims to mostly draw rape scenes XD Plus her doujin circle is known as…

Najimi’s friend convinces her to help run her booth at a convention as a sales partner. That’s when they meet the silver-haired guy who’s a doujin artist apparently. After a short conversation about the kind of profits earnable from doujin making, Najimi makes up her mind that she wants to draw doujin since she is an artist and ned the money.

Personally, i thought this show was cute, funny, intriguing, and I totally love the characters. I’m ready to see more!


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