Sky Girls 1

[NOTE: This post is very old and no longer reflective of my opinions or writing style.]

You may or may not have seen the single-episode OVA Sky Girls that got generally mixed reactions from all viewers, but that’s irrelevant here. Sky Girls is a new anime series with the concept and characters of the OVA turned into a series (and without all the creepy furry stuff).The premise is as follows: in the not-all-that-distant future, these creatures titled WORMS sprung out all Gears of War like and started reeking havoc on the planet. Also like in GoW, the earth defense finally has to resort to nuclear arms to blast the crap out of everything. As a result, most of the world is now underwater, and almost all of the world’s military force (or as they so elegantly put it, men between 20 and 40) were killed (AKA excuse to recruit young girls). Nowadays the WORMS are long gone, but for some reason the military is running around recruiting young girls as test pilots for some new mechanism… The main character (or at least the central character of episode one) is a girl named Otoha…

A small-town girl with big dreams of being a pilot like her late father. She is a trained swordsman who was supposed to inherit her grandfather’s dojo. One day, she is approached to try out this test project.

Meanwhile, we are shown some other girls who are being asked the same – one who’s a super jenius and has a sophomore degree at sixteen. The other girl isn’t explained much except we see that she is an exceptional jet pilot. She’s totally my favorite yet.

Personally, though it didn’t cover much ground, I really liked the first episode. The animation above all else was super-pretty and the character designs were, needless to say, awesome. I don’t just mean that in the perverted sense either, though there was a damn fine amount of fanservice in this episode.

My favorite par tof it was how the characters seemed so human. From the way they moved while talking to the at least mildly natural-sounding script, there was a lot to enjoy in the characters. While they aren’t completely original, they aren’t laughably and over-extremely cliche. That is, so far.

I can already tell that the character interactions and melodrama will be the fabric of the show, and there will be plenty of wacky robot action and sweet, sweet fanservice coated on top. This will definitely be a journey of epic proportions. As a first epsiode, it’s only real flaw was in not moving the plot along fast enough, but that just leaves you more curious as to what the hell happens next.


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