Moetan 1

[NOTE: This post is very old and no longer reflective of my opinions or writing style.]

Hero! Ai amu heeya too teru yoo abauto Moetan! For those who have never heard of Moe-tan, it is a series of books created to tech Engrish to the otaku of Japan. It follows the adventures of magical girl Ink-chan who is trying to help Neo-kun learn english. For each word or phrase in English, it gives an example that references some anime. Naturally, these phrases are horrible. Including…

Weapon: “My ultimate weapon is the China cannon attached to my groin.”
This Pokemon reference that seems to have pig and mouse confused…
Punish: “Every time the hero wins, the trio is punished by the pig like creature.”
And my personal favorite…
Bet: “When I fell in love with the her, I thought that the girl was my stepsister. I bet if I had known she was my real sister, I would not have fallen in love with her.”

So why am I posting about this now? They made an anime about it!

Meet Ink-chan. Even though she looks about 6, she is in high school (so of course her friends make fun of her. There’s another in her class with the ailment, though). Ink-chan has a major crush on a boy in her class named Nao-kun, but she’s a short crybaby, and he’s a otaku and kind of mean. Well, Ink-chan has this master plan that she and he are going to go to the same university and fall in love and graduate and get married. Unfortuanetally, due to his English grades, Nao-kun may not be able to go to college (though he doesn’t care all that much.) Meanwhile in some other dimension, we see a powerful mage escaping trial and death and running away, only to be subject to some kind of test by a king in the clouds. The king says he will have to face a trial and the mage is sucked into a wormhole.Ink-chan looks up to see a duck falling from the sky.

Yep, it’s the mage guy. She takes him back home and the duck announces that he wants her to become a magical girl and help people. At first she will be a weaker magical girl, but she will become strong. When Ink-chan realizes she can use this to help Nao-kun, she accepts the offer and becomes…

Magical Teacher Ink-chan! Anywho, the rest i will not spoil.

As for my first impressions, this show is rediculous and adorable. It’s not really funny enough yet to be a comedy show, but it’s cutesy enough to not be boring. I can see it getting more comical as it progresses. i just want to see what kind of horrible English phrases they produce throughout.

If you’re the type who shys away from loli fanservice (AKA you have a stick up your ass >_>) then you will not like this show. It pretty much sexualises this little girl. But if you can ignore that and just watch the show, you might find something you like. Especially if you like Magical Girl shows.


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