Zetsubou 2

[NOTE: This post is very old and no longer reflective of my opinions or writing style.]

I had like 3 things I was supposed to write and kept thinking not to post till I was done with one of them, but since that never seems to happen…

best show ever after episode 2! Seriously, I havent loled this much at anything in a while.

First of all, the dynamic between Fuuka-chan and Zetsubou-sensei is hilarious. While they contrast in world views, both of them have very similar personalities and levels of intelligence, especially in that they both take thigs way too far. I love how easily she convinced him that the hikki girl was an evil creature XD

Like many comedy of this type, a lot of the humor was based on the misconceptions of the individual characters and this show does that aspect very well, IMO. The troubles with each of the three girls were enough already, but then they all form together for a climax of immense proportions! I get the feeling every girl in this class is going to end up after the sensei XD

Some of my favorite parts were Zetsubou-sensei’s ‘Travel List’, the hikikomeri girl, the stalker girl showing up in an outfit similar to the teacher’s and her wall of pictures, and of course all of the suicide attempt stuff.

Watching this and reading NHK at the same time is probably bad for my mental health XD

EDIT: Almost forgot,Manabi Straight, Hidamari Sketch and Lucky Star references = win.


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