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REC is a romantic comedy that is sure to warm your heart and keep your attention throughout. The story is told best by Wikipedia (for once). (though it basically kills all of ep 1)
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At the beginning of the story, Fumihiko Matsumaru is outside a movie theater waiting for his date to arrive. When it becomes obvious that he has been “stood up,” he crumples his tickets in frustration. As he is about to toss the tickets into a trash can, a girl approaches, and in the “voice” of the tickets, implores him to not waste them. Dumbfounded, he sees the movie with her, which is Roman Holiday. During the movie, he notices that the girl is reading the subtitles out loud. When he asks her about this after the movie, she says that she was practicing the lines, and that she wants to be Audrey Hepburn. At dinner, she explains that she is a 20-year-old novice seiyu.
Going home, they find that they live in the same neighborhood before they part ways. (In the anime, she recites appropriate lines from Roman Holiday.) Matsumaru goes to bed, but he can’t sleep. In the darkness, he hears the sounds of sirens; there is a fire in the neighborhood. When he goes to investigate, he discovers that the girl’s apartment has burned down. Since she has nowhere to stay, Matsumaru asks her to stay at his apartment; she dazedly accepts. Due to the circumstances, they end up falling into bed together. She introduces herself as Aka Onda just before they make love.

REC is only 9 episodes long, and each episode is only 12 minutes is you include opening and ending songs. So really, there’s no excuse not to watch it And if you’re like me, you’ll watch it all at once.

The animation in the series is, of course, superb, having been done by the studio SHAFT (Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, PaniPoni Dash), and you can see just how lovingly crafted it is. Not to mention there are great sound effects and music (addicting OP) and the vocal cast is great (fitting for an anime about a voice actress.)

The chracters are what makes this show, and since I instantly fell in love with the charccters, you can guess how I felt about it. REC is a mature anime – it’s realstic with it’s characters and their development, ywt simultaneously has a lot of odd situations that you really dont expect from real life. This combination of realism and unrealism was done perfectly in my opinion.

And I don’t thing there’s much more to say. The series is just plan endearing – it’s probably impossible not to like. Within such a short time it captures and holds your attention and tells a memorable story full of charm and all-around fun. At it’s most lighthearted, it is funny and exciting, and at it’s most depressing it is heart-wrenching and leaves you glued to the seat. Truly a gem of a series.


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