Hitohira – Thanks For Making Me Cry


Because he does an absolutely stupendous job of explaining it, I’ll link to the blog tat introduced me to this series for info. Clicky

Anywho, now that you know what it’s about, I’d first like to show my opinion as the show proressed through posts on a board.

After Ep 2
once more thanks to Shiro’s reccommendation, I am now knee-deep in and loving Hitohira. First time I’ve not hated the pigtail look as well.

Self explanitory
As of episode four of Hitohira, Nono is officially the best character evar >_>

Edit: Also, these subs are amazing – extremely high-quality.

Ep 5 – first time in a long time I said the words ‘god fucking damn!’ aloud in my own home. Nice

After Ep 7
I’m glad I only almost cried when Nono lost her voice, because I would have felt like a total douche when it turned out she got it back XD

I’m halfway through ep 8 of Hitohira (bros keep interupting) I fucking love this show… Neko Punch!

After Hitohira 10, I must say, I’m glad I didn’t watch this on the original run. Seeing a heartwrenching scene for the end of the episode, I can’t imagine having to wait a week to see what hapens. In retrospect, I could probably say the same about Kanon or Air.

And now, here I am, right after having watched the best series I’ve seen in months and on the verge of crying my eyes out. If I were to liken this anime to anything, it would be Simoun. Not just for the yuri hints, since Hitohira was far less extreme, but with the overall theme and eventual impact of the series.

Like Simoun, the series is a very mature drama that comes close to seinen but contains shoujo elements that combine into a gem of a show for anyone.

I have to say, like every one of my favorite anime, I hated the ending at first, and even still a little. Mostly because when I care about the characters too much, I can’t stand to see them go. But it’s like Nono-senpai said, ‘there isn’t a play that lasts forever.’ In fact, the general theme of the show, just like Simoun, is that things won’t last forever, and that you have to move on.

I could sit here and draw parallels between two of my favorite anime all day, but I’d rather not – let me just say that it’s a series worth dedicating six hours to, just in case you missed it.



One thought on “Hitohira – Thanks For Making Me Cry

  1. Actually, it’s my recommendation, and not Shiro’s. Just pointing that out. And glad you liked it; it’s such an out-of-the-way little series that no one really has heard of it. Hence blog post.

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