Maria-sama ga Miteru – Quick and Painless

[NOTE: This post is very old and no longer reflective of my opinions or writing style.]


I watched the first season of Maria-sama ga Miteru so fast that it really felt like I hadn’t seen it at all, lol. It could be because I spaced out certain episodes and then block-watched te second half, but either way, it went by like lightning. My opinion on it is a little mixed, and I hope that I manage to watch this series again one day knowing what to expect.

The biggest problem I had was simply being confused out of my damn mind about all the titles and names and who was who and in what position. It took me almost the whole of 7 episodes to sort it all out, lol. My first ssue was that I think I took the show too seriously at first. The pacing was a little odd in the early episodes, which contributed to the confusion, but it really straightened itself out by midway. I think within the first 3 episodes I was mostly worried that it would remain so dramatic throughout and I was having a hard time decifering such a large cast. Of course, the rest of the season was dedicated to fleshing them out, so it all turned out well in the end.

By episode 7 I had gotten into it and found the rest to be enjoyable. Being the yuri fan that I am, all the relationships were fun, and for once, these girls are really into girls, lol. I’ve had too many recent experiences where either a character acts gay but then ends up with a guy, or the girl becomes a guy (curse you Simoun!) or simly no relaionships advance. This show was actually about the relationships and nothing else, which was nice (if you haven’t guessed, I’m new to this genre) and I’m glad this show is the one i will ease myself into the genre with.

Marimite manages to be dramatic without ever having to be over-the-top or toy with your emotions as a viewer. It’s a story about the characters which doesn’t attempt to involve you. I feel like the blending of lighthearted and dramatic moments was done perfectly, and Yumi’s psyche was especially fun. I love that none of the characters ever is consistently sure of themselves, which lead to some very realistic characters and interactions.

I think the last 4-5 episodes werre where I really got sucked in, though. Once you know about all the characters’ personalities and such, it becomes not about the past, but the future, and you look forward to what happens next. I think the ending was perfect not only for leading into the next season, but simply because the series ends without drama – just satisfaction and heartwarming smiles. In some ways, it feels like the series won’t leave too much of a lasting impression this way, but I don’t mind. Besides, there’s still a whole season and OVA to watch ^^;;


2 thoughts on “Maria-sama ga Miteru – Quick and Painless

  1. Marimite is superb, and just keeps getting better. The OVA’s are masterful, and we have a fourth season to look forwards to in the next couple of years.

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