Mai-Review (Mai-HiME)

[NOTE: This post is very old and no longer reflective of my opinions or writing style.]



After ep 2
Anywho, started watching Mai-HiME because of a lot of hype and my curiosity. After 2 eps I can’t decide what the hell to make of it. The action scene in the first ep was pretty kickass. There’s so many characters that for every one I hate there’s one I know I’ll like (whilst Mai herself has simultaneously become my favorite character in he show and one of the most annoying besides that ungodly silver-haired guy. i hope he dies >_>). I hope that there are many more fanservice moments with her and that strange feral girl
After ep 6
After 6 episodes of Kujian Mai-HiME I find the show addicting and fun and hilariously cool. And plus, Mai is an awesome lead.
After ep 10
Holy shit. I was just joking when I said that Mai-HiME was secretly Kujian, but after episode 10, I’m not so sure anymore. I can hardly even believe that episode was real XD even so it was so hilariously cheesy that it was brilliant. Also, Akira-kun is probably now my favorite character. Add onto that the Nordic terms springing up in eps 8 and 10 and this is quickly becoming a favorite of mine.
After ep 19
episode 19, holy fuck shit balls! I knew this shows had gotten crazy and a little sad, but this was downright depressing. Seriously, I can’t see very many happy endings arising from all this, period.

It took a while, but I finally completed Mai-HiME – easily one of the most impressive anime I’ve seen and my favorite since Welcome to the NHK. I’d lie to start by saying that, pacing wise, this anime was absolutely superb. In most anime there might be a certain part of the show that was slower or faster that didn’t feel right with the rest, or just an episode or two that were out of place or uninteresting. Mai-HiME never had any parts like that. 100% of the way through it was an awesome, eventful, fun, crazy thrill ride which could compete with s-CRY-ed in the world of over-the-top action/drama that leaves ou glued to the seat and begging for more.

My favorite part of this show was most definitely it’s share of ‘holy fucking shit!’ surprises. Starting from the moment the first Child is slaughtered and the instant realization that this show isn’t playing around, the action was constantly building and never ceased to amaze or become monotonous. Surprises waited around every corner and even things that you kinda see coming are twisted into something crazy and thrown back at you.

Adding onto that, I was completely addicted to this series throughout, but it was in episode 19 and onward that it officially grabbed the rank of one of my alltime favorties. At that point, I think I had fallen in love with every single member of the entire cast. There are probably no other shows I can say that about – I’ve always managed to hate someone. Even in Eva I hated Asuka, in Gankutsuou I hate that blonde guy, in NHK i hate the class rep girl, but I cannot hate anyone in Mai-HiME. So naturally, watching each of them get thoroughly crushed both physically and emotionally was a moving experience. Not to mention absolutely awesome.

Episode 19 laid the seedsd of dispair, and boy did it grow rapidly. Killing 2 main characters in episode 20 took me by surprise (even if Mikoto is already back by 21, but I didn’t watch it till 2 days later, so I was still freaking out, lol). From there on out the whole show wwas pure epic and win. Amazing battles, great drama, just all-around kickassery. And oh! Let’s not forget yuri rape, masochist nun, psycho-12-year-old-whore, explosing schools, and the reverse-trap. Might I also mention that said yuri-rapist and victim are my official favorite yuri couple ever (so why can’t I find more decent, non-dickgirl porn of them?!). I think it’s important now that I tackle the ending.

I’ve heard a lot of bad things about the ending of Mai-HiME, so I was braced for the worst. Honestly, though, by the time I had pressed play on episode 26 I already knew i would love the ending. With a show like this that I loved that much, nothing could fuck it up, period. And, of course, I loved it. I think it’s rather obvious, though, why some people hated it – extreme case of deus-ex machina. Seeing the reception of Kanon’s ending, it’s no surprise. I, for one, adored it. More happy endings like this, plz!

Also, since the sub I watched was nice enough to leave notes afterward about the entire mythological backgrounds of all the Childs, I was extremely impressed at the mythological undertones. I had only really caught the nordic ones since I’m a huge Norse mythology fan, but all of them were great.

Anywho, even though I’ve been advised against i, I’m gunna check out Mai-Otome just in case. Chow!


2 thoughts on “Mai-Review (Mai-HiME)

  1. this is an incredible series, the most awesome surprise was Miyu for me. i totally came in my pants a bit when she killed Akane’s Child ;P
    the yuri was awesome too!
    hope otome didnt ruin it too much for you, but i suggest checking out zwei and sifr if you havent already

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