The Tears and Smiles of Spring (Maria-sama ga Miteru ~Haru~)

[NOTE: This post is very old and no longer reflective of my opinions or writing style.]


Oi. Now with 2 seasons under my belt, Maria-sama ga Miteru has warmed up to me enough that I like it a lot – not a favorite or anything, but definitely an excellent show that I look forward to continue watching (which is convenient cuz the series just keeps going and going…). Season 2 was a lot more fun than season 1 on basically every level for every reason there is. As I said before, it took me over half of the first season to really start enjoying it, and it wasn’t until the last few episodes that I recognized it as something I enjoyed. Starting off season 2 with a few funny episodes and the fact that I knew all of the characters’ names and their basic personalities really helped (probably because it’s the exact opposite of season 1’s start.)

Now, like everything I watch, the characters are really what make Marimite for me – which is all it could be anyway – the show is just characters and nothing else. And boy, are they very complicated people, heh. Seriously, I wish I had friends who were as three-simensional as these girls (though really, if the show is any indication, it would only make my life harder ^^;;). Character interaction is the foundation of Marimite in that every little thing that goes on when the characters talk is taken into account. A distracted glance; a fluttering tone; or simply the way someone is walking all effect the perception of the characters not only by the viewer, but by the other characters.

In some ways, it makes me wonder if the characters are all robots, but then I remember that this is anime, and characters are allowed to have super-awesome communication skills. Besides, robots could never have the pure emotion that is shown in every second of Marimite.

Nothing is ever wasted in this show. Well, that wasn’t true as much in the first season, but this time around I think that there were almost zero wasted words ever. No meaningless conversation, throwaway jokes, or pointless remarks that are ever-present in your average anime. EVERYTHING has meaning in this show, and in that respect, I’d say it has some of the best writing I’ve ever seen.

On that same coin, though, there were a couple things that did bother me about ths season. The first being that it has started to repeat itself a little. Now, mind you, the style of showing only one character’s perception and then pulling a twist on you when you hear the others’ side of the story is a great tactic in my opinion, because it feels like you are right there with the character, feeling what she feels. When Yumi is wondering why Sachiko seems to have abandoned her, you wonder why yourself and feel as heartbroken and flustered as Yumi does. While I do enjoy that tactic, though, I think it might be overused a little, especially in the case of Yumi and Sachiko’s relationship. It’s not an overly large complaint, but it’s one that could become redundant if it keeps happening in future seasons.

Anyway, season two was far more impressive than the first one, and left a far larger impact (rather than ending it saying ‘oh, the last few epsiodes were nice’ I’m thinking ‘wow, those were a great 13 episodes’). I can’t wait to keep going.


One thought on “The Tears and Smiles of Spring (Maria-sama ga Miteru ~Haru~)

  1. I thought the First season was better than the Second. While I was watching the Second I thought Touko was kinda annoying, which spoiled it for me.

    But after watching the Third season, she’s actually pretty cute ^^

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