Jesus Has Gotten Fat! (The rest of Marimite)

[NOTE: This post is very old and no longer reflective of my opinions or writing style.]


The Marimite OVAs have probably been the highlight of the series for me. mostly because Yumi is the main character in all 5 of them, but also becasue they use the whole cast to their advantage. The first episode was really the only one that was kind of off on it’s own in that it only really focused on Yumi and Sachiko, but it did an awesome job of strengthening their relationship to the point that it’s hard not to look at them as lovers. The scene when they’re about to walk into te party (‘loading their weapons’ as I’ve titled it) was brilliant.

New characters and stuff were great, new places to see (like Rome!) and the best quote ever (“My, our Jesus has gotten flabby…”) as well as the most fun stories all show. But none of that is what’s reall important here (it isn’t?)

Marimite is the first (I think) show that I have actualy felt is strengthend by it’s length. I simply can’t get enough of it – this show could continue on forever and it’d still be a great show simply because the characters are so awesome (actually, I really do hope they end it when Yumi graduates, or else create a future season). Either way, I can definitely say that I’m awaiting season 4 with open arms.


Also,, the DVD specials were freaking hilarious.


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