Kashimashi raped me! (I kinda liked it…)

[NOTE: This post is very old and no longer reflective of my opinions or writing style.]


Sometimes it’s nice to get a little lighthearted romance in-between heavier shows that you’re paying attention to. After watching so many ZOMG great shows in a row, it’s fun to just chill for a day and watch something completely fluff. Kashimashi fills in that gap.

BTW, this show is better than a lot of people gave it credit for (it doesn’t help that the opinions I heard were all either absolute hate or pne guy who loved it to death.) I mean, mind you, there is pretty much nothing that makes the show stand out, but nothing that really deminishes it, either.

One of the chief complaints I heard about this series was that ‘they reuse the same jokes in every episode’. Let me tell you this – if you thought the series sucked because of that, you are a dick. A bitch ass dick, for real. The repeitive jokes take up about 30 seconds of combined time in each episode, some don’t appear in certain episodes (last episode is dumb-joke-free and second-to-last was mostly) and the show is only 12 damn episodes long. Plus, sometimes the jokes are funny in certain alterations.

Anyway, getting down to the show itself, first let me say that this show IS an erection. That’s why I claimed it ‘raped’ me. After all, I couldn’t manage to watch for more than 5 minutes without getting an erection all seres long. Here we have 3 girls with great personalities, awesome character designs, nice boobs and THEY ALL WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH EACH OTHER…. COME ON!!!!! The hentai material is endless! (BTW, i haven’t had the chance to go on a Kasimasi porn hunt, so I’ll surely get to that soon enough…) Not to mention the guy who becomes a girl was already girly to the point that he was practically a chick. I guess there’s the alien guy’s ass’ multiple appearance to cancel it out, though.

As for the actual story – like I said, it’s fluffy romance. Now, there is the twist that the main character used to be a boy and a space-ship crashes into him, turning him into a girl, the girl he’s got a crush on [spoiler] can’t see men, and he lives with aliens [/spoiler]but the romance itself is pretty standard love-triangle stuff. The funny thing about the characers in this show is that we have three girls who are almost stereotypical – the physically active girl who’s a childhood friend and secret admirer, the quiet girl who the main character falls in love with, and the increadibly girly girl (who was once a guy >_>) – and yet all of them manage to break (I’m tempted to say ‘fall from’) these steryotypes. All three of them have the ‘care about them, don’t want to hurt them’ attitude towards each other that they can’t seem to conquer, and there’s the indiciciveness on all sides (right down to the last episode even.) Either way, I enjoyed the characters (I’m an unbearably indecicive person myself) and generally had fun from start to finish.

Naturally, there were a few things I didn’t like about the series. The whole ‘can’t see men except you’ thing was prroly done, I think. I mean, how the hell can you turn down a girl who can only see you? And this comes even more into play when she’s not only unable to see anyone, but if she falls n love she can regain vision – AND help a whole alien planet. The choice was rather obvious by then.

The other major problem was the ending. Wow. We get a 24-minute episode and more than half of it is dedicated to the girl she didn’t choose?! not to ention she only spends about 1 minute of screentime with the girl he did choose. But here’s the clincher – after all that ‘things can’t be the same’ whining, everything just foes back to how it was before, only with more romantic involvement on the chosen girls’ part. Seriously, what the hell were you all crying so much over? And anyway, there’s the obvious cliffhanger saying ‘go watch the OVA – episode 13’ but I’m not going to, since from what I hear it’s basicaly just ‘she chooses the other girl’ which I think is lame and pointless, not to mention I supported the choice she makes from the beginning.

So despite the bad ending, I thought this was a pretty cute fluffy show that, like most courtship romances, I wish I could see a continuance of >_> In any event, it’s not a bad way to waste a day. (Though honestly, if it weren’t for t3h yuri, there’s no way I’d have gven this show a second thought >_>)


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