I am Otaku, Hear Me Roar (or 70000000 series and only 2 OVAs to eat them with) (or "Busy")

[NOTE: This post is very old and no longer reflective of my opinions or writing style.]

So I’ve been quiet a day longer than usual, so I will say a lot. Also, since someone said ‘do less reviews, more other stuff!’ I said ‘can do holmes!’

First of all, if I were to detail what I’m watching now I think I couldn’t say more than ‘stuff; because I’m not even sure what I’m up to right now. At first, after running out of subs of Sisters of Wellber I went ‘crap now I have nothing to watch. I got 2 episodes into Kannazuki no Miko and promptly dropped it for lack of ability to care about anything going on in it. I watched the first episode of Kokoro Library which I intend to watch more of but don’t intend to block watch. I watched the first 3 Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou and haven’t gotten around to the last one. I also watched the Kodomo no Jikan OVA (my first torrent ever!) as well as started on Strawberry Panic! which oddly enough I chose just for the hell of it and ended up really liking it so I decided to continue.

Thing is, there’s all that, and if you were paying close attention to the last paragraph, you know that a new window of opportunity just opened for me as far as anime goes. Over the past couple months there have been 4 shows I wanted to watch (PLANETeS, Kaleido Star, Kurogane Communication, and Yamamoto Yoko) that I will now be able to. It’s like… a MASSIVE EXPLOSION of anime I need to watch and just knowing that it’s all coming at me at once makes it hard for me to watch anything ^^;; If all that weren’t enough, I wanted to watch all the shows from the spring and summer seasons that I stopped halfway through (Gurren-Lagann, Lucky Star, etc.) before the fal season starts… and then there’s the fall season itself!!!

Anyway, I also watned to talk about a problem I’ve been having lately that I’m sure many of you have dealt with. Extreme objectiveness. I can’t sit through a damn episode of an anime without thinking ‘oh this is too much like this and that’s so cliche bla bla bla’ and it hurts shows that otherwise I’d be enjoying. This was mostly true for SP! because there are so many ways that it… almost rips off Marimite (but I won’t say that, cuz I don’t know which came first) and for most of the first ep I kept going on about how it was too similar, but really there is more than enough to set it apart. I think I need a good slap in the face, hehe.


For the time being, I think I’ll start with Strawberry Panic! since I like it a lot thus far. It’s almost the weekend, so block watching it shouldn’t be too hard and I’ll be able to squeeze in another whole show this weekend if I’m skillfull about it. That one will probably be Yamamoto Yoko since It’s Shinbo and I’ve heard a lot of praise for it. And it’s Shinbo.

Also, about KnJ OVA


It was spactacular – even way better than I expected. Rin is wonderfully complex. The perfect mix of mature and childish – she’s female Japanese Tom Sawyer I swear to god. Mimi falls under a steriotype I normally dislike but un this case, she actually miht be my favorite character. Also, she totally has implants XD. I couldn’t catch the third girl’s name but she is also awesome, and not just for her gayness! (but mostly for her gayness). Also, I already like Rin’s brother. I respect him a lot (as an older brother myself).


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