Gooey, Delicious Nacho Cheese – AKA Senseless Violence and Boobs – AKA why the 80s are great (Project A-Ko)

[NOTE: This post is very old and no longer reflective of my opinions or writing style.]

You can’t really beat a movie that is totally pointless, ignores reality, has a boob shot in the first 5 minutes and unleashes ruthless, hilarious destruction with some of the coolest fight scenes ever. Oh, and yuri undertones.

Well, I happened to catch Project A-Ko on te Funimation network. Normally, I would have ignored it after one look at the character designs (yes, I’m that silly) but since I’d recently seen it on a yuri show list, I decided to watch it. And I’m glad I did, because it was great. If I were to compare it to something, it would probably be Ranma 1/2 since both involve oddball destructive comedy mixed with kewl action scenes. I don’t think Ranma ever racked up quite the kill count A-Ko does, though, lol. Tell me, what’s a more fun way to get to school than pulverizing several houses on your way? Not much.

Some things that deserve noting – boobs are awesome, C-Ko was adorable throughout – mechs explode REALLY easily – the all-female alien race was simultaneously hilarious and very disturbing – GIANT BLACK TRANSVESTITE!!! – your average Japanese high school is indestructible.

The battle between A-Ko and B-Ko inside the school was fucking great, even though it defied rationality constantly (spinning A-Ko by her legs, yet they were aout 2 feet away from the wall, lol.) The only parts that ere lame were when the fight was about to start and it suddenly cuts into outer space for some randm fight, and again when the fight is nearing conclusion and the aliens come to earth – the whole dogfight between the earth forces and aliens was cool and all, but horribly paced with the rest of it. I just ended up loosing attention during those parts, but the rest was good enough.

Anyway, the movie was obviously horribly cheesy and therefor mondo-awesome. A must-see for action fans.


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