Dragonaut -The Retarded?- (it might be as bad as you thought)

[NOTE: This post is very old and no longer reflective of my opinions or writing style.]


Continuing the Fall 07′ series releases is Dragonaut – The Resonance- being subbed by Infinite-Zero. Basically, all you need to know is ‘bewbage’. ZOMG bewbage.

So… from episode one, the story did not grab me at all. In fact, nothing grabbed me. Probably because we learned almost nothing. That’s okay, though, because like every GONZO show the first episode is like a universe itself apart from the rest of the show.

For those who aren’t aware, Dragonaut, upon announcement, has been the sort of laughing stock of anime for American audiences because prior to airing, GONZO released no information on the plot – only the character designs and siyuu list. Hilariously enough, most of the cast of Haruhi has been cast in Dragonaut, gaining it the nickname ‘the Haruhi reunion.’

So anyway, my impressions of the first episode are prety much the same as most of what I’ve read. There’s an emo main character, some other cast who are all shrowded in mystery, and more ENORMOUS BREASTS than you can even wrap your mind around. Seriously, I watched this ep with my brother and friend and we pretty much spent the entire time joking about the inanely huge boobs. It’s… positively unreal.

Anyway, I was rather annoyed by the show’s inability to just pick a half-ass genre and stick with it, rather than try and combine several half-ass genres into something that is pretty much just… ass. We’ve got some weak sci-fi elements, some weak fantasy elements, and one of those battles you usually see in an urban supernatural story all going on at once. If it stays this messy, I doubt it’ll be much fun. In fact, I get the feeling that all the people crying ‘trainwreck!’ aren’t going to be far off.

My friend and broter both liked it, though, lol.


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