CLANNAD arrives in a blaze of glory!

[NOTE: This post is very old and no longer reflective of my opinions or writing style.]


Let me ask you some inportant questions. Do you want to see what happens when the greatest forces of technical and creative brilliance collide once more to create the most perfect form of entertainment possible? Would you like to discover the full extent of what the medium of animation can deliver mentally, emotionally, and visually? How would you like to partake in an experience that may change your life with it’s dazzling animation, thick, rich, unique plot, and ability to deliver the utmost in anime comedy spliced directly next to the most heart-wrenching drama you may ever experience? How would you like to experience, firsthand, the definition of moe in it’s purest form?

How about a show where the main character is so unequivecaly likeable that male or female, you will swoon over his every line or thought? How about a cast of memorable personalities that will evoke our purest emotions? How about a beautiful silver haired martial-arts master who can show you first hand that WU-TANG CLANNAD AIN’T NOTHIN TA FUCK WIT?!


If you answered no to any of those questions, you do not deserve to exist, and if you answered yes like a good little anime fan, then you NEED to go watch CLANNAD. Based on a visual novel by Key and animated by Kyoto Animation – the team that had you dazzled by the brisk breeze of the AIR through whom rain fell like so many tears – the same team who shot you with an emotional KANON that hit you right where it hurt yet brought such a smile to your face that could elate the darkes of hours. Thanks to some excellent work by Eclipse subs, even those who know not the native language of moe can experience the wonder that is CLANNAD.

People, I cannot stress this enough. The first episode of CLANNAD is out and subbed. WATCH IT NOW!


One thought on “CLANNAD arrives in a blaze of glory!

  1. Was the way you worked the titles into an advertisement for kyoani a reference to the back cover of GZA’s Liquid swords? Pretty unlikely, but thought it might have been since you referenced Wu tang right before.

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