Site Updates

[NOTE: This post is very old and no longer reflective of my opinions or writing style.]

Oi. There’s been a massive dump of fansubs and since I couldn’t pick which show to write about, and was too lazy, I decided instead to talk about the site updates. I changed the header again, but I also changed the entire layout of the site, which you probably noticed if this isn’t your first visit here. In addition to that, over the past few days I’ve actually been reading a lot more manga than watching anime lately. That’s cuz I found out about this manga database site that’s been very helpful in supplying me with countless yuri hentai great manga and pointing me to scanslations. Because I want to talk about these manga as well, I’m going to put up a Manga Page. Because pages only have one post, it’ll be up to you to figure out when I’ve updated it (well, I’m sure I’ll mention it here) but basically it’s going to be a long page of manga descriptions of whatever I’ve been reading. I’ll update the details as I read as well as adding more series to the list. For starters (since I already wrote it previously) is a piece about the excellent yuri hentai manga Shoujo Sect. Anywho, it’s sure to be a fun addition to the site.

Tommorrow I’ll talk aboout Mokke and Night Wizard and Gundam 00 and probably more. Also WTF where are Sketchbook subs?!

Oh, and I really need to update that page with my favorites list >_<


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