Fall 07 Heirarchy: From the empires of might to the broken, battered soldiers of deserved exclusion

[NOTE: This post is very old and no longer reflective of my opinions or writing style.]

This is a combination of copypasta and blood, sweat and tears. Due to the fact that I declined to review any of the many, many, many shows I watched since my last post (I’ve even seen ep 2 of that particular show now) I’m just gonna do this list ultimately. PLEASE NOTE: these are not my ranks of the show by how much I like them. The ranks are only to compare them to each-other.

1. CLANNAD – 5/5 – eps seen: 2 – Oh, what can I say that I didn’t cover in my first positively erotic post about this show? It’s simply incredibly nifty. I’m not even sure what it’s about yet and it’s my favorite of the season XD Kyoani and Key will never cease to amaze me.

2. Kodomo no Jikan – 5/5 – eps seen: 1 – Because despite the censorship, this is one of the most amazingly unique stories I’ve ever seen. It explores the dark side of an age group that doesn’t usually get that kind of attention as well as telling a simultaneously entertainingly hilarious and deeply intriguing story.

3. Blue Drop – 4.5/5 – eps seen: 1 – I enjoy the style and the characters already, and it’s got the ever-present promise of yuri.

4. BAMBOO BLADE – 4.5/5 – eps seen: 1 – maybe it’s not the most original thing I’ve ever seen, but it’s still hilarious thus far, and it’s not a harem show. In fact, I’m not sure what it is yet, which gives me high hopes for it.

5. ef ~A Tale of Memories~ – 4/5 – eps seen: 1 – This already looks like some exciting and fairly unique drama. Above that, though, I mean just look at it. LOK AT IT! The art style is gorgious, the Shinbo-eque (I just know he’s behind this) style is beautiful… it’s a vidual feast.

6. Shakugan no Shana II – 3.5/5 – eps seen: 2 – Well, the first episode was the best recap ever and, IMO, a brilliant beginning to a new season. It was trippy, and I’m a sucker for trippy stuff. And the style I love so much really shone through. Ep 2 was still quite fun, though the poor writing is already showing itself again.

7. Shugo Chara – 3.5/5 – eps seen: 2 – Cuz I’m a prepubescent girl and all. I mean, I just got sucked right in. Love the main character and the cutesiness is just the right level.

8. Sketchbook ~Full ColorS~ – 3.5/5 – eps seen: 1 -I wasn’t too sure about it based on ep 1, cuz like most of it’s genre it was a little slow for me. However all the little bits of the characters’ imaginations were great, and I cracked a smile or laugh a lot of times.

9. Minami-ke – 3/5 – eps seen: 1 – This may have been dragged down by me having watched IchiMaro so soon before, and not liking ep 1 of this as much, plus thinking that 2 certain characters are way too similar…

10. Mokke – 3/5 – eps seen: 1 – The kiddie Mushi-shi or watever you call it. First ep was a bit on the boring side but kept interesting enough.

11. Kimikiss Pure Rouge – 3/5 – eps seen: 1 – I mean, for every 3 anime-fied romance you sit through there has to be at least one with realistic characters XD.

12. Goshuushosama Ninomiya-kun – 2.5/5 – eps seen: 2 – Even though it is nothing but pure fanservice, the over-the-top scenes were pleasing and there was some funny stuff. By ep 2, though, already on a downward slope…

13. Night Wizard – 2.5/5 – eps seen: 2 – It’s not all that original, but it’s entertaining. It hasn’t gotten stupid yet, but if it goes on for 26 eps I’ll prolly drop it eventually.

14. Genshiken 2 – 4.5/5 – eps seen: 1 – It’s out-of-place why? Because the first ep was kind of boring, but the second was fucking brilliant. Leave it to Genshiken to get great quick.

13. Gundam 00 – 2/5 – eps seen: 1 – For a Gundam show, I’m actually a bit interested, though not all that excited. No real character intro in ep 1 – havne’t gotten around to 2 yet.

14. Myself ; Yourself – 1.5/5 – eps seen: 1 – Of the 4 romance shows which share similarities, this is the most corny and uninspired, so it gets the axe. Sorry.

15. Rental Magica – 1.5/5 – eps seen: 1 – Looks like it could be real interesting if the production values weren’t so bad.

16. Dragonaut ~The Resonance~ – .5/5 – eps seen: 1 – In it for the lols and ZOMG bewbs

17. Suteeki Tantei Labyrinth – -2/5 – eps seen: 1 – lol HORRIBLE

18. Prism Ark – -1/5 – eps seen: half of one – boring, trite, cliche, lame, and unintelligent in every way.


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