Shion no Ou – Plenty of ZOMG with an added dose of WTF

Ever wonder what Hikaru no Go would have been like with Shougi? Ever just wanted to see a show full of characters with sick obsessions with shougi? have you ever wanted to watch shougi with dramatic pauses, ZOMGs, and extremely random dramatic facial expressions? You may be thinking: “Much as I like shougi, wouldn’t that just be to much like Hikaru no Go?”

Well, let me ask you something else. Have you ever wanted to see shougi with MURDER, TRANSVESTITES, KIDNAPPING, AND OTHERWISE ADULT SITUATIONS?! Well then, Shion no Ou is right up your alley.

The show starts when Shion, as a little girl, witnesses the murder of her parents. The only clue left behind is a shougi piece left at the crime scene. Years later, she’s in elementary school and she’s working her way up as a shougi pro. However, she can’t talk because of her traumatic childhood experience, and she writes what she wants to say on a notepad.

There’s also a guy posing as a chick, a fan of Shion with mysterious intentions, a creepy stalker/kidnapper, and a family that might be a little too obsessed with Shougi.

So basically, if you don’t understand shougi, then all the ZOMG is going to be lost on you, as it was on me. However there’s plenty of WTF to go along with that ZOMG and keep you entertained.

Well, actually, it still might not be entertaining. I just watched because Shion is so insanely adorable.


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