Shana Season 2 is Avoiding Itself

So far, I’m really enjoying Shana season 2. If you didn’t notice a page back, I only recently finished the first season of Shana, so I’m lucky enough to be able to pick up right after leaving off. while it good so far, though, it’s a little bit of a bumpy road. The first episode, I thought, was really good, and yet the next one was only ‘okay’ in m opinion. The episode had a lot of pondering to figure out the situation, which is usually a way of gathering necessary hints for the next battle. However, seeing as the Tomogara was killed rather easily, and we have yet to see that scenario again, it seems like the second ep was at least a bit pointless. However, episode 3 helped get things back on track with some fun scenes that involved a plan that actually made sense (this only happens once-on-a-while in Shana) and the introduction of there’s-no-way-your-convincing-me-that’s-not Hecate.

Episode 4, which I just completed, was interesting, but a little boring, and most importantly made me a little angry. There were a few things that I really liked. Yuji’s advancements in ability are nice to see, and his new possible rivalry looks like it could be interesting. I also think it would add some heavy drama if Yuji does what he looks like he’s doing and falls for t-n-w-y-c-t-n Hecate. As well, the end of the episode shows that Shana and Yoshida might actually form some kind of friendship, so that could be interesting.

However, there were some things that I thought were just stupid. Has Shana really not realized her emotions toward this girl yet? After having gone through all this once before? Why doesn’t Shana or Yoshida get more assertive? And for the god, someone please bitch-slap Yuji. throughout season one, i came to like Yuji more than you average brain-dead male lead, but man, he’s slipping. He’s not just oblivious anymore, now he’s bordering on plain stupidity. He’s close to Shana now, and he knows that Yoshida is in love with him. I can understand that the new girl looks really innocent and his intentions are good, but how the fuck is he not questioning things a little yet?! Ugh… anyway, I’ll continue to watch with strange devotion.


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