November Watching List

[NOTE: This post is very old and no longer reflective of my opinions or writing style.] 

Bamboo Blade – Funny though donsn’t move very fast. 26 eps desu ka?
Blue Drop – So very beautiful~! Good ol drama smile.gif
CLANNAD – OMG so amazing. It’s like Odin looked down on the anime world and said ‘maybe I should make an anime’ and did and it was CLANNAD.
Dragonaut – XD
ef ~A Tale of Mems~ – Only seen the first ep. Not bad, but not amazing.
Genshiken season 2 – Who doesn’t love Genshiken? Best OP animation ever.
GHOST HOUND – Ep 2 dlign right now – ep one was amazing already, though. I know I’ll be a big fan.
Kimikiss ~Pure Rouge~ – Another that I only watched te first ep so far >_>
Kodomo no Jikan – It’s freaking magical. Each ep is a 22 minute orgasm.
Minami-ke – :3 2nd ep was so great that it made me another fan lol.
Mokke – Same as Minimi-ke, lol. Looks to be a fun show. Reminds me of Figure 17 FWR
Moyashimon – Subs are few and far between, but this show is fucking hilarious, and one o fthe most bizarre, unique, and intelligent things around.
Night Wizard – Hack’n’Slash
Rental Magika – See Kimikiss
Shakugan no Shana II – Everything I’ve come to love about Shana
Shugo Chara – Oddly among my season favorites. It’s just so damn cute! But also has a fun, fast pace.
Sketchbook – See Kimikiss

Other Stuff:
Bartender – First ep was awesome, pure awesome. 3-8 ep pack is taking an eternity to DL with no seeders T_T

Possible Marathon this coming 4-day weekend
Kamichu – Heard a lot about it.
Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann – Been holding off WAY too long
ARIA or Kaleido Star – both been holding off for length, but now I’ll have time
Yamamoto Yohko – Gunna watch with friends.


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