LOOK AT THAT – I'm dissecting myself

[NOTE: This post is very old and no longer reflective of my opinions or writing style.]

Digital Gal

So, I want to dedicate this blog more to anime philosophy and the like as well as looking at older shows. I’ve created LOOK AT THIS – seen in blogroll – to keep up-to-date. Currently it’s lacking in that regard because this weekend was all about looking back for me, but once I get back to the new season shows, I’ll start updating LOOK AT THIS uber-frequently. So why am I doing that? I think they should be seperate, and that they raw in to different crowds. I think that reviewing constantly and actual disussion detract from each-other when placed together. So I’ll use the other one for rapid-fire reviews and trying to get people to watch things. Meanwhile, this blog will be more about me and my anime philosophy as well as what I’m looking at for the time being. you won’t hear me talking about The Soultaker on the other site, even though I just watched it the other day.

I’m not saying that LOOK AT THIS is a sellout site or anything though. I’m trying to be a bit progressive with it. Including things like Anison and Girl of the Week will give it a unique twist and hopefully it’ll be an interesting place that keeps you entertained and informed. Though right now it suffers my inattention from a few days of marathoning, it will soon become the ultimate updated place existing for the sole purpose of getting you information. It is mostly created as a sort of recommendation site to get people more into anime who might not be already.

If you read my blog more for the sake of seeing stuff about whats on righ tnow, then you’ll have to go over there starting this coming week, and come here if you want more observational views. From this, i also think that this site will be posted on even more frequently as well.

Anyway, the links there on the left, though like I said, it’s pretty bare for the moment. Also, I doubt you care, but I updated my favorites on the What is this? page. Anywho, back to your anime, man!


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