Shoot me some Recs!

[NOTE: This post is very old and no longer reflective of my opinions or writing style.]

Okay, people! I know that my blog is getting a lot of hits (by my standards, 60+ hits a day for you might make you think somethings wrong XD) and I know that 60 people have 60 different opinions. And I want to hear your reccommendations.

As you can see from reading my blogs, I’m into artsy crap and drama as well as anything with a lot of soul or psychology. Uniqueness is ALWAYS a plus. You can see my favorites list a page over, and here’s the anime I’ve seen. If you’re reading this, don’t just click away! Go to the comments and shoot me some recs! I’m always interested in trying new things.

(yeah, this is partly my excuse for not having a topic today >_<)


2 thoughts on “Shoot me some Recs!

  1. 60+ visitors is a great number to have, but I know having more is better in this case ^^. One thing that I really notice is your category list, which has a list of animes on it that only have one post under it. Maybe you could reduce that to specific types of anime categories like action, comedy, romance, etc. I put all my anime reviews under anime only. This will at least save a minuscule amount of scrolling down to comment by reducing the amount of space taken by the category list. Putting a poll is nice, gives something for people who don’t like to comment something to interact with on your blog, I use wp-polls. If you add a teaser link to your posts, I use post teaser, you could dramatically decrease the amount that a reader has to scroll down to see your most recent posts and gives them an option of choosing to read on or not just by the beginning of your post. If you wanted to, you could also reduce the amount of posts on your front page but not necessary if you add a post teaser. I’m not sure if you have an unlimited picture uploading account but if you add a picture to every post in the beginning, if it’s possible, that might keep people from leaving as quickly and look at the post. This is all my opinion though and you don’t have to act on it if you don’t want to. A good way to spread word about your blog is to comment on other blogs with your site attached to your name, so people can notice your blog; just don’t advertise to people to come to your blog. Another good way is to ask other blog owners, most likely dealing with anime, to add your blog under their blogroll and that you would do the same with their site on your blog but know that they might not want to add you on their blogroll; opposite to that note, I added you to my site ^^. Don’t worry about not having anything to post about, it happens lol.

  2. Hai, I do advertise my blog a lot, and most of my hits come from links in my signature in various forums.

    I’m mad that I’m just now getting tips after 4 months XD however, I will take some of those things into consideration. I see what you mean bout shortening the category list, however when it comes to the front-page postsm, I prefer to keep it a big page. I hate seeing small ones on other blogs, so I keep my own long.

    As for the pictures, I just link from my photobucket account, lol

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