Yuri Fan but not a Yuri Fan Fan or Kannazuki no Miko sucks

[NOTE: This post is very old and no longer reflective of my opinions or writing style.]


I love yuri. I mean, I REALLY love yuri. A yuri relationship in a show can make it my favorite show. Bottom line is, I don’t like men and I love women – that’s about all there is to it. I want to watch shows about women. So when I want a romance, it’s natural I’d want to watch a romance about women. And when I watch porn, it should be obvious what I’m looking for (and I don’t mean fucking strap-ons and futanari.)

I’ll admit, when it comes o yuri relationships, I might be reading too far into it sometimes. A lot of people accuse me of such when I bring up Hidamari Sketch especially, since in my idealistic mind, there are 4 girls in 2 meaningful relationships XD. They aren’t even sexual, but does it still count as yuri? I’ll let you hold that opinion to yourself.

Thing is, i don’t like yuri fans. Because yuri fans, like many fanbases, have little standards. I’m going to come out and say it: Kannazuki no Miko sucks. I’ll admit, I only watched 2 eps, but you know what? I’m pretty known for being accepting of shows. I can tolerate some real shit. Hell, I’m a SHANA fan! However, in 2 eps of KnM, I recognized that the show was pretty horrible. Nearly to the point of intolerability. I’m alos going to bring up Strawberry Panic which isn’t horrible, but t’s like someone said ‘hey, lets take Marimite, throw in sex, and aim it completely toward guys and rediculously horny lesbians’ (who, on the internet, are maybe 10% actual girls and 90% dudes who think of themselves as women XD). I do love yuri, but that doesn’t make it acceptable to watch dowright bad shows.

Marimite is a great show, period. Blue Drop is a great show, period. The yuri makes them even better for me, of course, and both shows really couldn’t exist without the yuri element so it’ snot like I can say ‘oh they’d still be reat without yuri element’ because neither probably would. But they do it RIGHT. And no matter how you look at it, KnM and SP! just don’t.

Now I’ll admit, I let yuri get the best of me sometimes. I’m reading both Venus Versus irus and Tetragrammaton Labyrinth for almost solely this purpose. VVV is actually not bad, but TL is pretty godawful. Mind you, the title also goaded me into buying it (2 of my favorite words) but still, I could have spent those 10 bucks on a lot of better things but the prmise of yuri was strong. And afer all, it’s the pull of uri that made me watch what I have seen of KnM and the much less bad SP! (I don’t really hate SP! persay, just not like it’s a great show).

I guess I’m just disappointed in yuri fans, and it pisses me off to see people who can watch something like MariMite and then manage to tolerate Kannazuki no Miko. Then again, I’ve always been elitist XD

In the meantime, see LOOK AT THIS for some Blue Drop and ef~


8 thoughts on “Yuri Fan but not a Yuri Fan Fan or Kannazuki no Miko sucks

  1. [i]KnM[/i] came along when people were in a weakened state due to the fact that [i]Yami to boushi to hon no tabibito[/i] never got licensed, and the star of [i]KnM[/i] is a dead ringer for [i]Yamibou’s[/i] Hazuki. And, [i]Kannazuki no Miko[/i] does have some great Kotoko music for an OP (and I think the ED as well?). That helped.

  2. yay !!

    I love yuri too


    awesome !!

    thiz website it’z my favoritee !! Owo

    well….goodbyee !!

    Zayonaraa !!

    kizzuz <3

  3. i agree kannazuki no miko it sucks the only part i like is when they kissed i agree strongly whit u i watch the hole thing hoping something gud would come but it suck bad
    but i like ur web site though ^_^

  4. well. KANNAZUKI NO MIKO ROCKS!!! and i dont care if you go and say it sucks, cuz you havent seen it, and it could be one of the most tragic animes i have ever watched,and the yuri part of it was beautiful.

  5. Anon, understand that story means nothing to me over writing, directing, and characters. The show has boring characters, shitty writing, and the worst director ever, so it’s wokring against me. And as for ‘tragic anime’ there are plenty others that would destroy you. Iriya no Sora UFO no Natsu is a good place to start.

  6. Well, I did watch Kannazuki no Miko until the end and I second what was said here: it sucks. And it’s also true everything 21stcenturydigitalboy said. The guy who made KnM just shouldn’t be working with anime (or movies for that matter, or books.. well, you got the idea, he haven’t got talent). The plot is full of holes, the actions performed by the characters don’t even make sense.

    And the yuri part was beautiful? Sure, raping is something really pretty. Every fan of this series love Chikane despite the fact that she freaking raped Himeko (maybe because Himeko was a character so empty none cares about her?). I mean, not even herself seemed to care, since she just forgot and forgave the rape as soon as Chikane returned (can this get any more surreal?).

    Anyway, the only reason KnM is so famous is because the creator, eventho he can’t make good anime, he does know how to sell. He don’t give a shit about the plot (and neither do the fans), he just threw everything you guys wanted to see: sexual scenes, rape and action. I mean, I bet you all don’t even like the history, the only thing you like about the anime is how Chikane acts towards Himeko.

  7. How is Blue Drop good? I hope this is one of those things that changed in your perspective on writing. To me all I saw in that anime was an anime for feminazi’s who wanna see things involving the male race dying out and women being the supreme race. I could barely get through any of it. Still not as bad as Bobobo though. If it ain’t as bad as that, then I can probably get through it.

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