A Desolation Song – The weight that we wear, this path that we walk

Partially a continuation of this post, which was also discussed here, though not much.


This time, though, it’s in regards to my just completing NieA_7. Back when I made that other post, I was in a state of wondering what was going to happen as a result of a coming large event, just like the characters in those shows. However, once again my timing was perfect and I managed to match up with Mayuko in NieA_7 as I wached it. This time, the series has a bit of a different take on this similarity.

Whereas Manabi Straight and Hitohira are effected by some large event, Mayuko sufers a similar dillemma in her everyday life. Instead of going from one normal to something completely new and not knowing what to do, she struggles with wether or not what she’s already doing is the right thing as well as the worries of change. I think Mayuko’s situation and reactions are the most realistic of the bunch as well. Both Manabi and Hitohira use drama to their advantage – in one case, harsh drama and in the other, comedic drama to portray their points. NieA_7 is instead a quiet contemplative take on the issue that focuses on Mayuko alone and her own dealing with these problems.

The things that make Mayuko’s situation exquisetely written in my view is the exact way she is effected by others. Which is to say, they don’t have drastic effect on her, but she does consider their views. Whereas the decisions of Mikan and Mugi are heavily influenced by their inspirational counterparts, Mayuko is pretty much left to think about these things by herself, and the words of others are only considerations.

Like Manabi and Hitohira, NieA_7 also has a different kind of ending entirely. As said in the other post, Manabi ends with everyone succeeding, and hithoira ends with the characters haing a new focus on life. However, NieA_7 takes great care to portray a lack of change. It shows how, in the end, things don’t ever really change as much as you mihgt think, and even ends in the same way it began. In some ways, i might call this the most mature of the endings, though Manabi is still my favorite because it actually takes that extra step to show you the future, however, in that regards it’s philosophy might be opposite to NieA_7’s.

In any case, all three are excellent series, and all interesting outlooks on life. So far, ef seems to contain a lot of these elements as well, but in a more adult light and with far more intricacies that i will dfiniely be posting about when the series comes to an end.

in case anyone was wondering, the title tis time was a refeerrence to the beautiful A Desolation Song by Agalloch. MUCH better than the title of the last post XD.


3 thoughts on “A Desolation Song – The weight that we wear, this path that we walk

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