The Anison

Persona 3

So, I’ve been noticing the music in anime a lot more lately. I’ve noticed it before, even when I was new to anime, but I hardly payed it any mind save the OPs and EDs, but ever since that 2ch 100 songs thing and my listening to a bunch of anisons, I’ve been paying more attention. For instance, I recently started watching Kurau: Phantom Memory and noticed some interesting background music, so I went and nabbed all the OSTs for it. And it’s pretty good stuff – definitely interesting soundtrack to say the least.

So now I’m seeing it a lot and I suspect i will soon be investing alot in anime OSTs and such. I’ve been meaning to get the Lain OST forever, lol. The biggest factor in all this, though, is probably the Persona 3 OST which is downright excellent. I’ve only got the one that came with the American release of the game, but I love it, especially the songs with the hilarious jinglish lyrics XD. Baccano! had some great music as well, and so did Jing in Seventh heaven which I just got done watching. If you’ve got any OST recommendations, be sure and tell me!


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