Eureka Seven – Blown Away

my love~

So, I just finished Eureka Seven, and color me blown the fuck away. I’m not going to make any satements about this being a masterpiece or anything, but for me, personally, this show did just about everything right.

For statarters, I want to admit that I absolutely loved the story and the characters, however, neither would have made this show one of my favorites. It might have breached my top 20 with it’s themes that match up with my beliefs, the excellent pacing (shocking for a 50-episode series!), and several win cahractrs (Stoner is mah homeboy). But it’s placement in my absolute favorites is due to something else entirely.

The romance. Eureka and Renton are officially my favorite anime couple ever. For me, the bleeding romantic I am, it was the perfect love story. However, obviouslyy it’s not like it’s the most original love story ever told, so it would seem odd to proclaim E7 as my favorite over similar ones. however, Renton and Eureka themselves were just all around great. Expecially Eureka. She tapped into almost ALL of my weeknesses.

Note: Digital Boy’s Weaknesses: Short hair, small breasts, intelligent yet emotional, romantic, has kids. The only one left out of Eureka’s case is: Smokes, however tapping into all the others is a feat accomplished masterfuly, lol.

The biggest defining moments for me were something that has NEVER happened to me watching a show before. There have been plenty of times where I have teared up from a sad scene in a show (que Mai-HiME and the Key shows) and I teared up before because of something that blew my mind (Neon Genesis Evangelion) however, in Eureka Seven was the first time I have EVER teared up out of sheer, ubridled happiness. This show brought me a joy like I’ve never seen before.

So yeah. Fucking naisu.


5 thoughts on “Eureka Seven – Blown Away

  1. I find that people either think Eureka Seven is incredible, or that they pick some nitpicky reason to dislike the show that makes zero sense (“Renton is so annoying”, “surfing robots lol”, “Eureka is kind of bland”). I of course think it’s one of the best anime this decade, and is a prime example of why BONES is a studio to watch out for in the future.

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  3. Ola, i am a big fan of martial arts animes (Yu-yu hakusho, dragon ball, naruto, bleach, kenshin, etc…), i am also a big fan of romance(love hina) and so on and so on, i’ve already seen about 20 anime series, which is a small number, but i don’t have enough time for it. But so far, i can say with certainity, that Eureka Seven is the best Anime i’ve ever seen. After finishing it i have been sad and deprived for about a week, only because ‘it already ended’. I loved the show, i loved the characters, i loved the romance. I wanted to be Renton(and i am already 20 years old), i wanted to Ref, i wanted to be there. Just like a little kid. And i am still sad. I hope i can find a solid anime alternative soon.
    So E7, yeah, thats the right shit.

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