10 Days of Xmas, Part One

So I guess a bunch of bloggers are currently doing their year-end wrap-ups and Xmas top 12s. Well, I’m personally saving my sure-to-be-massive year-end post for the actual year-end, mostly because I haven’t caught up on next to any of the fall season. However, I do like this whole 12 days shtick, even though I’m coming to the party late with only 10 days. However my 10 days are going to be the Ten Most Memorable Moments (in anime) of 2007. Based solely on what I can actually remember easily from the top of my head. Creating this list was a long and arduous process (took me like 15 minutes, lol). It might have been more difficult if 2007 hadn’t, in fact, been my first year as an otaku, and I spent most of the year watching shows from years past. However, I still have some delightful memories of 2007 anime.


Number 10 – NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! – Kodomo no Jikan

Number 10 on my list of memorable moments from 07′ is the spinning NOs from Kodomo no Jikan. Or really, you could say it was the series in general, starting from when I first learned about ‘Nymphet’ as it was to be called when Seven Seas was going to bring it to America. However, disaster struck in the form of major controversy over Nymphet that resulted more than ever in my wanting to see it. There was a group scanslating it at the time, but since I didn’t know how to torrent at the time, I was fated to never read the series.

But then there was hope! Kodomo no Jikan was announced as an anime, and my lolicon spirit was lifted! I hungrily awaited the coming series, and with the OVA as my first torrent ever, I was psyched because the OVA was awesome. Kodomo no Jikan rushed to the top of my list of shows to watch this fall season.

However, fate was cruel. Even though I could still tell that I was watching an amazing show, the utterly debilitating cencorship had ruined the controversial masterpiece. Between the hideously large spinning ‘no’s and the scenes where the entire screen would go black, I decided 3 episodes in that it just wasn’t worht it to watch a show I couldn’t see. And thus, I still lust to see Kodomo no Jikan, hoping for DVD rips sometime in the forseeabele future.


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