10 Days of Xmas the 4th

Number 7 – Hidamari Sketch episode 5

Yes, this screenshot is, in fact, from a differrent ep.

Hidamari Sketch was one of the first shows i was watching this year, not to mention the first show I ever watched as it was airing (I believe) and episode 5 is what turned me into a fan. But making me a fan of Hidamari Sketch isn’t the most important thing – this episode had the most amazing directorial quality I had ever seen, which led me to do a little research and thus, my faandom of Akiyuki Shinbo first came into being. For those who don’t know, Akiyuki Shinbo is my favorite director and a man I admire and worship. He created such great series as the offbeat fun Yamamoto Yohko and the dark, amazing Soultaker, as well as did the greatest adaptions ever in the form of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Pani Poni Dash, Tsukuyomi Moon Phase, and more. (He even did some of Nanoha!)

Hidamari Sketh episode 5 will forver go down not only as one of my alltime favorite episodes of anime, but probably my most important anime experience.

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