Shinsen Talks about Genshiken 11 (and I find it hilarious)

Genshiken Episode 11 “Real Hardcore”

I won’t delve into much detail. This ep continues where ep 10 left off. Sasahara and Ogiue are at ComiFes preparing their booth. During that time, Ogiue tells Sasahara he is prohibited from witnessing any content of her doujinshi. Stating she would curse him if he did. Outside of the Big Sight, we get a few more fun moments from Suzy/Sue. Sasahara and Ogiue have difficulty selling the doujinshi. Oono and Angela cosplay, wearing skimpy clothing. Ogiue has a moment with Sasahara. Ogiue gets a nervous breakdown. You get it by now? Lots of dialogue between the two. Taking a break from ComiFes, the group(: Sasahara, Ogiue, Oono, Angela, Suzy/Sue, Tanaka, and Madarame) goes to a bathhouse. Suzy seems to be quite fond of Ogiue. Returning to ComiFes, Angela talks about how she liked Ogiue’s doujinshi. Even went as far as saying, “especially when Mugi splashes sperm on Chihiro’s glasses.” I’m sorry, but I had to add that 3_3. Angela has a megane fetish, and she is Bi. The episode ends with Oono and person-whose-name-I-do-not-know reading Ogiue’s doujinshi, chanting what I believe to be MOAR.

Wrapping things up, as you can see, my writing won’t win me anything. In fact, I fail. The crap displayed in front of you took me many times longer than it took you to read. Why? Well, I reread everything I write. I still don’t feel satisfied with it either. I wasn’t even sure what to write. Don’t expect much from me, digitalboy insists that I do it. I can learn Japanese from watching anime, learn to read Japanese by reading manga, learn French, and various other things…but my writing skills are mediocre.


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