90s Anime Bonanza Part 2: Generator Gawl

WARNING: Spoilers for Generator Gawl and… Eva if you’re that guy who hasn’t seen it.


So, after 3 years of watching it, I have FINALLY finished watching Generator Gawl, and for an Eva clone, it was done very well. Kind of funny how I started this show and Eva around the same time and only saw the cheerful beginnings, not seeing the real meat of the plot until years later, lol.

Okay, so calling it an Eva knock-off might be a little much, but let’s be honest, it probably was. There was a girl in a giant orange test tube with clones on-hand, all the computer scenes looked the exact same, a test subject throws it’s opponent into a giant orange window where the scientists are operating, an ending where the main character reshapes the world, and even the series structure, beginning calmly with a mix of action and comedy, then getting darker until becoming dramatic – it’s no wonder ADV was so quick to license this show back in the day.

However, like most things that exist, Generator Gawl doesn’t have half the impact of Eva, being half the length as well, however the pacing is much, much better. Gawl moves very fast from start to finish, making it the perfect show for a marathon, and is always totally fun and interesting. While rife with plot twists, it manages to remain a bit unpredictable as well as logical. I’m willing to bet that some things would bug some viewers, especially some of what is revealed in the last episode, but I think the logic supported all of it well enough, even if the ending was an ultimate plot-fixer trick.

If you have a rainy day, I highly recommend giving this little 12-ep series a look, especially if you’d like to see a shorter, less high-brow-mind-fucking version of eva.


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