February watching

[NOTE: This post is very old and no longer reflective of my opinions or writing style.]

This Series (In Order of Favoritism):


Hatenkou yuugi – The character interaction and dialogue are just too awesome. It’s like if Jing had better writing and characters (ot to say Jing wasn’t cool, but the anime weakened him)

Shigofumi – Still haven’t gotten around to the second ep, but everyone seems to love it enough

Hakaba Kitaro – Gegegegege…

Wolf and Spice – Haven’t gotten to ep 2 but I heard it gets much better

True Tears – okay, I haven’t seen more than 1 ep of anything but Hatenkou yuugi

Persona – I was trying to watch this, but trying right after seeing Tokyo Maajin and KARAS wasn’t working. Will try again soon.


Might drop:

H2O – For the same reason I dropped most of the ero adaptions I started last year, when it comes to making a choice of what to watch, no time for something silly and mediocre.

Gunslinger Girl S2 – I haven’t even started it, I’m too scared


Planning to watch soon:

ARIA the ORIGINATION – gunna finish the first 2 seasons this weekend and then get to this.

Zoku SZS – need to finish first season.


Stuff that isn’t from this season that I am actually actively watching:

Gankutsuou – seen through 16 before, about to marathon it all finally

Pani Poni Dash – My brain asploded.

Starship Girl Yamamoto Yohko – Trying to figure out where it will go

KARAS – saw first OVE – so awesome

Hidamari Sketch – Need to finish S1 plus special

Neon Genesis Evangelion – rewatching, because it has been WAY too long.

Kino’s Journey – need to bu it again I guess T_T at least I’ll be helping out ADV


Was watching a couple days ago and now I’m not sure:

La Cordo d’Oro – not bad, but not great.

Loveless – soooo good. Will finish on the next rainy afternoon.

History’s Strongest Desciple Kenichi – random eps here and there, it’s pretty hilarious.


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