Obligatory Blog Post



As you know by now, I am never up-to-date with shows because I am busy watching old-ass shit. Currently, I’m most actively watching Juuni Kokki which is good. That’s the only word for it though, ‘good’. As it stands, the plot, characters, setting, and all that are solid but just not very interesting. It’d be easy to go on about how the character development is on a level above most shows, but the characters are rather boring overall. But meh, maybe I need to finish it before I keep talking like that.


I was also watching 2×2=Shinobuden which is as stupid and hilarious as I wanted it to be. Shinobu’s yuri moments are amazing.


That reminds me, Candy Boy is getting made into a 7-ep show. This will be great, great news.


Speaking of short shows, the first episode of Mnemosyne was amazing and totally left me wanting the next one. This is a show that simply has everything. Style, badassery, amazing animation, great music, tastefully placed nudity, lots of blod and torture, sadists, SHOTGUN GLOVES, zombies, the most classic death ever, and moving on to what’s really important, tons of yuri and FUCKING GALNERYUS (for both op AND ed!!!)


Anywho, the distance between posts just now can be attributed to my cousin visiting to celebrate both his and my brother’s birthday. My cousin is the one who got me into anime way back on the first ep of Cowboy Bebop and he and I have retained extremely similar tastes over the years in all mediums, though he doesn’t watch nearly as much anime as me. In any event, for those who didn’t know my dream is to become a director and my cousin has very similar aspirations so we were talking about how we should help each other reach our goals and stuff. Fun times. 


In the meanwhile, my brother got an assload of new games for his bday. DMC 4, Metroid Prime 3, Odin Sphere, UT3, and those Oblivion expansions. Well, UT3 looks fun as hell so I’ll be getting my hands on that, and even though I’ve heard it’s not as good as i’d hope, I still intend to put some time into Odin Sphere.


Oh, and I watched some berserk with my cousin since he’s rediculously into the manga and stuff. Got through half of it. Stuff started to get good, but was still just so damn cheesy…


I haven’t had much chance to play GrimGrimoire. I decided to not play on ‘sweet’ since that was a little too easy, and only got through the first cycle of 5 days, however the last mission in which I was simply told to survive for 20 minutes was so much fun that I know the game will be great. If I do have any kind of complaint, it’s that sometimes you aren’t sure if you could be classified as winning or loosing, but it’s still fun all in all. 


Currently, I’m feeling a little pissed off because of school rearing it’s ugly head. I make a good point to ignore school so it’s pissing me off that it still tried to get a hold of my time. bah, whatever. Peace. 



One thought on “Obligatory Blog Post

  1. 12 Kingdoms isn’t the best show ever or anything like people treat it, but the final episode in Youko’s arc (39) is pretty much worth the wait. It could’ve been shorter though. Quite a few dull moments.

    The hardest thing about GrimGrimoire is, as you said, the inability to see much of the map at once. You’ll think you’re doing fine and suddenly you’re getting raped from every side. But the story is what I really love about it. That and using the Morning Stars. Wait until you get those guys.

    As a final note, my opinion of Odin Sphere improved greatly once I got further into the game and finally beat it, but be prepared to do the same shit over and over with each character. The final chapter is worth it. Some of the bad endings are incredibly emotional.

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