Seeing as how I am very very late to the party, I’m not going to talk about what made Nadesico an amazing show. I’m sure you can find a zillion reasons by asking anyone who’s been around anime for a long time, or better yet asking the man who I think explained it best and inspired me to watch it (among other things) Omoikane (who’s name’s origin I now understand, haha) Instead of why the show was great (see: amazing characters, burning passion, etc.) I want to talk about my reception of it.

My reception is currently a reflection of my recent rewatching of Welcome to the NHK. I’ve gotten used to it, but it is still an amazing sight. Had I seen this show before Eureka Seven or Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, I’d have found myself in tears at the end, raving about the beauty of manly passion and following your dreams. No, I’m not saying my reaction has weakened, in fact, it’s just grown stronger. At first, when I saw this kind of show, I was completely blown away by the spirit and inspiration which oozed from it. Shows like this are what keep me going – what showed me how to live and push me onward toward the future. Shows like this are the things everyone should know about and come to understand. BecauseĀ  I’ve gotten used to them, Nadesico didn’t leave me in an emotional stupor, but the emotion is just as strong. Like with NHK, which had bewildered me the first time I watched it, I now watch it only thinking of how I know it’s truths well. Of course, those two shows have entirely different messages, but that’s not the point XD.

My only question now is how is this supposed to infiltrate my top 5? Are all of my five going to be mech shows about a man’s romance? XDDD


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