Another Obligatory Blog Post

Just cuz I haven’t posed in several days and because I didn’t copypasta my overview of Haibane Renmei from the forums and now I don’t feel like making it into a blog post. Currently I’m watching Kare Kano which I’ve seen certain episodes of on the Funimation network.

I bought a couple manga today (Shugo Chara and Stray Little Devils) haven’t read SC yet but the other one is a true gem. Maybe I’ll do a part on it for my manga page : O Anywho, not that you’ll read this in real time so it doesn’t matter really but I’m staying up all night tonight. Just because I can. For those of you who aren’t emo faggots and therefor don’t use myspace (I only just created one for networking purposes) I am currently at a quandry because my progress report comes on Friday and I have been putting 0 effort into schoolwork. Of course, I don’t give half a damn about my grades but I’m curious as to how my parents will receive this.

Anyway, this isn’t Emo Boy’s Anime Blog so I’ll get back to what matters. For those who don’t know, I’m a director with a sort of partnership with my cousin whom is also doing other projects with me. I’ve also been writing for years however I’ve never been good at literature because I don’t read enough, however I have the most utterly pretentious taste in anime and that, combined with a creative mind and writing ability, is enough for me to have started work on a show script. YES I am fully aware that I cannot write an anime because, no shit, I can’t speak Japanese. However, maybe I’ve got some chance in convincing a risk-taking cartoon company into helping me. Or maybe I should give up now, but hey, at least I’m dedicated to the project and I’ve been planning the living shit out of it instead of doing classwork for a while now. You can bet your ass it’s full of crazy plot twists, yuri, many character deaths, and the all-important shared aspect of 4 of my top 5 – dream following though not in anywhere near the context of my favorites, oddly enough. If I absolutely had to compare it to something I’d consider it a mix between Gurren Lagann, 12 Kingdoms (even though I dislike the show I admit there are certain things it pulls off spectacularly that I hope to pull off just as well) and some dosage of a show I haven’t seen but can probably find comparable.

Now that you are in a state of full-on inability to care about a word I’m saying, I’m going to bring up how awesomely grateful I am to have received this Right Stuf catalog which has been POSITIVELY DISTURBINGLY helpful to me the last few days. Having read the history of the company celebrating their 20th anniversary, I figured out that the disk read error when I put in Kare Kane volume 1 was probably because the PS2 couldn’t handle the advanced DVD and sure enough the PS3 played it just fine. Next, they were talking about a series of theirs called Shingu which dm, a person I usually listen to, brought it up the next day as an underrated series. Lastly, I’d happened to catch notice of a picture from a manga called Stray Little Devils that looked interesting and when I happened to be buying manga on a whim it cought my eye, I bought it, and it was wonderfull. Also, because I realized that Kare Kano was a Right Stuf license, I was able to realise how it’s possible for Boogiepop and Shinobuden to be coming to the FUNimation network.

Right Stuf has quickly become amongst my favorite licensing companies. Especially because they seem like the most likely to bring over any other UFOTable shows :O


3 thoughts on “Another Obligatory Blog Post

  1. Thanks to the help of VashtheStampede, I finally managed to get Haibane Renmei volume 4 which the friend who ordered it for me delivered today and I immediately proceeded to marathon it.

    My time with watching Haibane has been rather interesting as it, above anything else (cept Lain) has marked the transition of my tastes over the years. About 4 years ago when I first got into anime, I bought the first volume of Lain just because I’d seen a lot of people talking about it online, and even though I only watched 1 episode of it (and it remained that way for years) I bought Haibane Renmei volume 1 just because it was by the same guy, having bought it with the box because I found it for only 21 bucks at Gamestop (looking back, that doesn’t even seen like a deal, especially since I got the shitty brown box). When I watched back then, I only got through 2 episode before deciding it was boring and feminine and I wouldn’t watch it.

    Of course later, in my post-Evangelion days of late 06 and early 07 I watched the first DVD and liked it enough to go buy the second, especially because that’s when I started visiting MTF and seeing the amazing reception it gets here. I had bought the second long enough after the first that I watched both again and was very absorbed in it. Even though the plot moves very slowly, I thought it had an incredibly memorable cast and had already been shaken by the drama around episode 6-7. So for a long time, I thought of it as being a potential favorite but it took me forever to get volume 3 and when I had it, I wouldn’t touch it till I’d bought the fourth volume so as not to hold myself in suspense. Due to this massive amount of time, I was given plenty of time to brood over the series and despite not having finished it, the characters had already established themselves as ‘memorable’ for me, so I was pretty much already treating it like a classic when i was halfway through XD

    Oddly enough, I’d never even known what to expect from the series and it certainly wasn’t anything I expected except in the department of a really gripping plot so thoroughly original it bordered on scary (sue me if there’s like a hundred obvious influences or some shit). One thought that pervaded with me from about halfway through the series was that this show made me feel bad about ever having liked a Key/KyoAni show. i won’t go into that since I’m sure I’ll find a way to look like an ass haha.

    Haibane was a beautiful masterpiece especially in the simple humbleness of it all. Even for it’s dramatic conclusion, it never had to push itself. The characters were always human right until the end (erm… haibane I guess) and I just respected the hell outta that. Amazingly, the plot moved so slowly that it honestly felt like the show was a movie rather than a full show, but I felt like I’d been in this world with these characters for a long time (probably because it took me so goddamn long to watch it XD) It’s a show who’s early episodes have never gotten old for me and I feel like I could rewatch the whole an infinite number of times.

    That’s as far as I’ll go, I don’t want to get into total ABe fanboy mode.

  2. Thanks for the overview.

    Haibane Renmei is my all time favorite anime, and one of my very favorite stories in any medium. It set my expectations for anime so high that I had trouble enjoying lesser works for a long time afterwards. As someone said not too long ago, for that reason it’s a terrible anime to recommend as an introduction to the genre.

    I also agree that it is best to approach it cold. Half the beauty of this thing is the way it reveals its secrets.

    All I had to go on was a picture of a rather grumpy looking angel, sitting on the patio smoking a cigarette. I was instantly captivated, and to this day I cannot explain the power that image has over me.

    I have never seen any other anime that stands up under the kind of critical scrutiny that HR has been subjected to in forums like Old Home. The only other series that’s received anything like it is perhaps Evangelion.

    Speaking of “total ABe fanboy mode”, here are five of my own contributions to Haibane scholarship.

    WARNING: Detailed analysis consisting of nothing but spoilers.

    Episode 1

    Episode 2

    Episode 6

    Episode 7

    Architectural Notes:
    Haibane Nesting Habits

    [These notes were made before I knew anything about anime generally, so I attached more significance to certain tropes than they really deserved. Episodes 6 & 7 were done from the fansubs (my first fansub experience), because only disc 1 was available in R1. Also, I intended to do RNFs on all the episodes, but life overtook me, and I only managed the four listed here.]

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