Inhumane and Beautiful

Texhnolyze was one of the most intense and disturbing experiences of my anime life – I think it could best be described as a supercollision between Takashi Miike’s Dead or Alive and Serial Experiments Lain (well, to a far lesser extent, but whatever.) It was, all around, an experience I won’t soon forget though the type I couldn’t easily describe or offer up an opinion on. Oh, and it has, like, zero rewatch value as well haha.

Simply put, it was really good for the same reasons Dead or Alive was really good. Both are films (erm… well one’s a series) that pace themselves as they see fit and create an atmosphere unlike anything else but don’t try to be completely different from everything else. Okay, that’s the most contrived sentence of all time… basically, both of them simply are what they are (not like Ergo Proxy which tried to be more than it is) and what they are happened to be a fucking trip and a half.

I’m a rather big fan of gore and darkness in my shows depending on it’s portrayal – I can’t stand when the gore takes on a sadistic nature (unless it’s gleefully sadistic like Baccano or Mnemosyne) it’s better for the gore to simply be a part of the story, as it was in Texh. The only thing that I found to go over the edge was a scene at the very very end that I won’t spoil but it made me want to cry. However, I’m not going to hold it against the show for that.

And, uh, I guess that’s all I have to say. Like I said, it’s a hard show to describe. I managed to like it quite a bit though, like dead or Alive it won’t be one of my favorites just because of the way it is, but I respect it as an excellent piece of work. Also, it’s interesting how they pulled of a surprising level of development with Ichise even though he had like 10 lines in the first 18 episodes of the series or so lol.


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