Violence Fetish

Besides being a really awesome Disturbed song which also has a really awesome Berserk AMV somewhere on the web, I think I have a bit of a violence fetish. I am very picky about how I like my violence, but it’s basically the more fucked up, the better. I’ve mentioned on my Anime-Planet account how I am not a fan of certain kinds of violence. Violence that tries to scare you or deliver some kind of message is the worst. Or, I could say the violence in most American films, haha. In those cases, I will usually dislike it, which iis why I am not a fan of the horror genre. When the violence is there to push the story along, it’s fine, though I won’t be celebrating it. A good example is the excellent film I watched yesterday No Country For Old Men which featured a lot of really awesome shoot-outs and deaths, in the name of story. That was fun, but more because it was well-directed than the fact that it was, in fact, violence.

Getting down to it, there are a lot of people who want to see violence JUST because it is violence. Most of them are like 12 year olds and stuff, but it’s hard to see someone with something like Elfen Lied, Higurashi, Tsukihime, and Saikano all in their top 5 and not wonder if they’re just in it for the blood. Personally, when certain conditions are met, I too enjoy violence just because it was present.

In the cases of shows like Mnemosyne, Baccano, and Black Lagoon, the key is that even with all the ultraviolence, it manages to stay totally fun and cool. I really enjoy psychopaths and otherwise sadistic freaks, so the characters are all a blast. The more totally absurd and awesome the reason someone has for their killing the better. Take for example, Ladd Russo from Baccano who is obsessed with killing people that feel like they are safe, prefferedly after stripping away their security. This sadism also makes for fun torture. Anyone who’s seen the first episode of Mnemosyne knows exactly what I’m talking about XD. Next step, if people don’t have some sick love of killing, then it can be substitued by them having a really truly fucked up mind and/or past. As I described in my last post, the twins from Black Lagoon are a great example, and my alltime favorite fucked-up girls are the whole cast of Gunslinger Girl. This type is possibly my favorite because it tends to lead to the most complex characters. And because they tend to be kids, and fucked-up kids are always fun.

Violence can also be fun when it’s simply as gratuitous and over-the-top as it can be. Elfen Lied was a mixed bag for me because I found certain parts of it really silly, but the over-the-top violence was a definite plus. The key here, tohugh, is quality over quantity. Much as I like the fights in Berserk, no matter how many people you kill with a sword, you’re still just hacking them up vertically, horizontally, or via stab. It’s when shit gets wild that the most fun is had. See Texhnolyze where one man is shot so many times that nothing is left of him but an enormous bloodstain.

So currently I am working on a couple scripts. One of them is for a really silly low-budget action film that my cousin and I are going to try to use as our directorial debut. The other is a 2-part film I want to make which takes influences from Gunslinger Girl, Texhnolyze, Black Lagoon, and Baccano along with my own little twists. You can bet your ass it’ll be awesome, though I doubt I could ever make a film out of it. an anime, maybe.

And now, something VERY NSFW (or mental health).


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