Nerd Classification

I realized I haven’t posted in a while, so here’s a PM convo between me and Purplemo.

[QUOTE=Deus ex Digital Boy]
well, for the record I’ve read an assload of manga… that I bought when I was like 13 and thought Shounen Jump was the fucking shiznit.

BTW, you taken a look at my sig’s new top 40?[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=Purplemo]I’m glad I started on shoujo.  If I started on shounen I don’t think I would’ve ever got into manga.

Yes, I saw your top 40.  I had to check your total anime list though to see your percentages.  At least your top list is an almost reasonable only 10% of all the anime you saw, unlike Fireaxe which I think he said was some 50%.  For reference to see how little Fireaxe’s list means to me, my top 30 is about somewhere in the top 3-4% of all the anime I’ve seen (somewhere between 800-1000).  And now you know why I refuse to create the anirec list.  Because 1) it would take forever and 2) I doubt sothis has all the anime I’ve seen on the list.

Like I said before, for the most part it’s not bad.  Hardly any would make my top 50, but for the most part none would be in the, say, bottom 10% of my list.  Seeing FLCL, Eva, Marimite, Manabi, Kanon 2006 (I’d be okay if you didn’t have 2006 there), etc so high is a rather bad mark in my book though.[/QUOTE]

Ah, but see, you suffer a curse. It’s called the ‘fucktard disease’ which inhabits a lot of people, especially if they use the internet.  It’s a case in which someone becomes unable to look at something at all – neither objectively or subjectively – and develops an automatic bias toward those things. This comes in several forms, and depending on it’s form you will either become A. a Dickhead or B. A Pussy. For example, I know a Pussy who won’t watch anything depressing because it will effect his emotions too much. Because he is such a Pussy, he automatically has a bias against everything until he’s been given significant proof of it’s awesome. Chances are, he’s never even finished a show and not liked it, because he’s too much of a Pussy to watch anything.

I have a slightly bigger beef with Dickheads though. Dickheads hate things than are actually genuinely good for no dicernable reason. It’s bad enough that they can’t see the show subjectively without an immense bias, but they refuse to look at it objectively whatsoever, thinking of shows only as wholes which can be simplified much in the way that society separates good and evil. A show is either one or the other and can’t have some kind of mid-ground. Don’t get me wrong, they aren’t always like this, it’s only once that stupid bias kicks in that the shit starts flying.

The bias can be all sorts of things. Some people are biased against anything that’s aired in the past 10 years. Some are biased against moe characters or pretty boys. And of course there’s the absolute worst kind of Dickhead, the Pretentious Faggot who can’t like a show that is popular. He is willing to slip past the show’s blatant merits which may or may not be the reason it’s so god damn popular just to proclaim it as rubbish. He becomes dissetelled by people who like those kind of shows because they can’t possibly relate to him – how can they match his level when they are willing to accept the debauchery to the medium that is popularity? And thus, said biased character will wall himself into a prison of isolation, proclaiming himself an oddity from the norm when in fact he is just a biased, sad, Pretentious Faggot.

Fortunately, there are some who fall into neither group. Usually, these people have seen way way way more anime then anyone else and generally have gotten way past looking at a show as a whole and more as a sum of it’s parts. These people have also gotten past qualifying them as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. For instance one such Neutral person tells that he doesn’t give a damn about an anime’s story because there is simply none which are wholly original, and things like characters, animation, music, or even just one or two genuinely good scenes can make him enjoy a show. These people, while at least a little rare, somehow always seem to be people that everyone likes or moderators or something. Probably because they aren’t whiny Pussies or pretentious Dickheads.

As for me, I’m just an up-and-comer. I am not a whiny Pussy, but I haven’t seen quite enough anime to qualify as either of the other two. It’s the same when it comes to music, and in both cases I’ve seen/heard far more than most people but not as many as those who, for instance, are the ones I’m getting reccommendations from.


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