(I May or May Not Watch Anything From) SPRING 08!

Why am I not doing what I did for the last 2 seasons? Both times having posted a list of everything airing and talking about them? Because there’s maybe a 5% chance I will actually watch anything while it’s airing. Back in Fall I was trying to episodically blog everything, but I never got past episode 6 of ANYTHING, except for ef. So in Winter I thought I could do it right and watch everything this time, but I did even worse and didn’t get past the first episode of anything except for Hatenkou Yuugi which I had the fortune to watch 3 eps of at once.

So this season, I’m just going to list the shows that I will at least make the attempt to check out but I’m not making any promises. (stuff I’m particularly looking forward to in CAPS)

Allison & Lillia – Pretty art!

Macross FRONTIER – Actually, I’ll probably keep up with this. It’s fucking MACROSS.

xxxholic S2 – assuming I actually finish S1

kure-nai – the art looks like Chokkoto Sister all over again, which I only just started watching. However, there’s no way i’m passing up adorable little girl main characters.

Amatsuki? – I don’t know, the guy’s shirt looks cool. It’s a stretch.

KAMEN NO MAID GUY – Ultraviolence with an absurdly huge man in a maid outfit? 100% awesome.

CODE GEASS SEASON 2 – Echoing everyone else’s fear of anime cliffhanger conclusions, but if it’s as badass as S1 it’s gunning for a favorite.

Wagara no Oinara-sama – Moar furries? Wolf and Spice must’ve done well last season.

Nabari – Okay, theres a ton of pretty boys, but there’s also a rally really cool-looking girl. Okay, It’ll probably be totally homo.

SOUL EATER – Great-looking art and Andrew Cunningham like it. Must be good.


Golgo 13 – Apparently it’s legendary or something.

Kyouran Kazoku Nikki – Looks funny.

Nijuu Mensou Musume – the websitedesign was realy pretentious YES I know I am way too easy.

CANDY BOY – OMG my favorite 7-minute yuri is becoming a 7-ep show!!! Yes!!!

and most importantly

HIDAMARI SKETCH SEASON 2 – I don’t think I need to tell you how awesome this is gunna be.

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