Wolf and Spice – My Kind of Fantasy

WARNING: Possible Wolf and Spice spoilers, but hardly likely.

So I just got done with Wolf and Spice which has one of the most beautiful opening themes and catchy ending themes ever and so help me god I WILL have the soundtrack. Lets see… well, for starters the experience of watching this show was very similar to that of watching Haibane Renmei. Both were calm but also dramatic and fantastical shows with great characters, and both were shows that made me feel like I’d been watching them for a long time and that I wanted to be watching them a long time from now. Unlike HR, I’d be more looking forward to a second season than a rewatching though. Continuing the comparison, we have a rich, vibrant, beautiful world that the characters explore and therefor we learn about without it ever being shoved down our throats.

Wolf and Spice does a splendid job in pulling off a mixture of slow character development alongside the plot without ever letting the plot overtake it. What I have found from reading Gunslinger Girl is that while I love character development, I like it most when it’s nice and slow, showing small glimpses of a greater whole as the series progresses, and even better is when an engrossing plot involves itself in the characters’ interactions while sustaining itself as a working plot without becoming just a mechanism for character development. I can only imagine that this kind of story is a complete and utter pain in the ass to write as well XD.

Finding out a niche for this show on a favorites list would be extremely difficult because it’s the kind of show that doesn’t really give you a reason to like it, it just lets you decide on your own if you will or not. There were a lot, and I do mean a lot of great scenes in this show especially revolving around the dialog. Both Lawrence and Horo are great characters and I’m going to probably throw a lot of money away on that Horo figure as well. All in all, I can’t really easily compare this show to others, which in itself is reason enough to find it endearing. I know not where, but I feel like it will be welcomed to my favorites list, but only after I’ve rewatched Kino’s Journey. There’s no hidden meaning there.


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