Shigofumi – Letters From the Mildly Impressed

I finished Shigofumi today (yeah, I know, what’s the deal with all these recent shows all of a sudden? Must be cuz of Spring Break, lol.) It reminded me in a lot of ways of Paranoia Agent. Firstly, the mixture of episodic parts and a slowly introduced over-arcing plot whose characters only reveal their importance with the progression. Secondly, the way both the plot and society are used as representations of the characters. Like Paranoia Agent, I definitely liked Shigofumi, but also like it, I feel a bit distanced from it.

Shigofumi had some good characters who I liked, but it never gave me time to get attached to them. Much like the detectives from PA, they were explained well enough and their connections to the plot made, there simply wasn’t enough time just spent with them. Unlike PA though, I wouldn’t mind seeing another story of Shigofumi – an OVA perhaps, maybe starring the lovely Chiaki ^_^. As it stands though, it’s an enjoyable enough and likely memorable show, but just like PA and the also-mildly-similar Shinigami no Ballad, it won’t be making a favorites list.


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