Goodnight Sweet Prince

I’ve decided to abandon my Anime-Planet account and go back to using My Anime List. The main reason I started using A-P more is because I am a whore – I like to be praised, and I like to flaunt my opinion like it matters. Since the leader of the site likes my high-quality recommendations, I was having fun making them. plus I was submitting some of the anime that as missing. I even had a sort of job on the site though it was insanely tedious so I rarely did it XD. A-P is a good site in only one regard – quality. There is a LOT of quality control on the site so that entries, reviews, etc. looks as professional as possible. Honestly, it’s mostly just pretentiousness since while ANN and MyAL and all do have that evil corporate feel to them, for all the shitty quality there’s an assload of information, options, and the occasional excellent review. I’m admittedly bitter over A-P’s review section because they wouldn’t accept me as a reviewer T_T They said that they were thinking about it, and that I had potential, but they never got back to me, despite the fact that I was in frequent contact with the leaders of the site >_>

What’s sad about their reviews is that there flat-out aren’t enough of them. They are excellent in quality but not only do only so many anime have reviews, but they only give one opinion and it has a high tendency to be one I disagree with (for instance, a recent review giving Dennou Coil a 5 whereas i would have given it a 9) however the site leader said she prefers that we don’t focus on reviewing things that someone else has already done.

To put it simply, for all the great quality, A-P just lacks in too many areas to be worth it. There are a ton of anime missing from the database, the reviews are almost never helpful because they only give one opinion, and there are other sites which give more information and database options. The site’s ‘thing’, anime recommendations, is also weakened by the fact that there are a LOT of REALLY stupid ones in the mix (such as an S-cry-ed to Zatch Bell rec based on ‘they both contain lots of action.’) My Anime List is currently the database with the most options so I’ll be going back to using it from now on. You can see my anime list here:


8 thoughts on “Goodnight Sweet Prince

  1. blasphemy :O

    does this mean I won’t see you at the forums or does this only apply to the actual a-p account? ;_;

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